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Bear Creek to Briones Crest Loop at Briones Regional Park

Trail loop from the Bear Creek entrance up to Briones Crest Trail and back.
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 7.5 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview:  Staged out of the Bear Creek Entrance on Bear Creek Rd., approx 6 miles from Orinda. Large parking and picnic areas, great gravel lot... more »

Tips:  Take drinking water, especially in the summer, it can get hot.

There are several water troughs throughout the park; at the parking ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Lot

Bear Creek Entrance Parking lot for trailers. Old Briones Rd. trail begins at the gate to the right and goes along side the creek to the cattle pens.

2. Intersection of Old Briones Rd. and Valley Trails

Intersection of Old Briones Rd. trail and Valley Trail at the cattle pens. Old Briones heads up the hill to meet with Briones Crest. Valley trail is through the gate to the right and goes though the valley and meets Briones Crest trail.

3. Valley Trail

Going through the valley, nice level trail except for the squirrel holes!

4. End of Valley Trail

The end of Valley Trail. Short incline to intersect with Briones Crest Trail. This part of the trail can be very muddy and slippery in wet weather!

5. View from the top

View to the east from Briones Crest Trail. Overlooks Concord, Walnut Creek areas.

6. Sindicich Lagoon

One of the Sindicich Lagoons. These are natural water sources and are fenced to keep the cattle out of the fragile natural habitat.

7. Mt. Diablo in the background

A little farther along Briones Crest Trail, overlooking the lagoons. Note Mt. Diablo in the background.

8. Abrigo Valley Trail

Abrigo Valley Trail after descending from Briones Crest. This trail meanders through the valley and back to the parking/picnic areas.