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Mt Lukens by Haines Canyon Road

Hike to the highest point in the City of Los Angeles from Haines Cyn Ave in Tujunga
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.9 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  This trip starts at the end of Haines Cyn Ave in Tujunga, parking can be a challenge but as a fall back position you can park at the... more »

Tips:  No Adventure Pass is required, but respect the no parking signs and the residents.

This hike like all hikes on the south face of Mt... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Gate at end of Haines Cyn Ave

Generally locked, don't park up here or you may get locked in

2. 2nd Gate

0.11 miles 2nd more substantial Forest Service Locked gate

3. Graveyard Truck Trail

0.24 miles, Graveyard tuck trail FR2N81

4. Azteca Spur

1.21 Miles, while it doesn't appear there is an old road grade here at all there is.

5. 3rd Locked Gate

1.23 miles, 3rd and final locked gate

6. 1st hairpin turn

1.52 miles, 1st hairpin turn. Several cross country routes converge here and an old trail. Stay on the road.

This is the first view of the Cresenta Valley and the Verdugo Mountains

7. Saddle, head of Bluegum Cyn

1.63 miles, head of Bluegum Cyn saddle and cross country route to 3rd hairpin turn.

8. Cooks Cyn Trail (AKA: Rim of the Valley Trail)

2.53 miles Cooks Cyn Trail, AKA Rim of the Valley Trail.

9. use trail to cistern "COOKS"

3.02 miles, use trail to old fire fighting cistern "COOKS".

Most of these in other parts of the forest have a alpha numeric designation something like "DW-01", I have never seen any such numbering on most of these Mt Lukens cisterns

10. Old Mt Lukens Trail

3.61 miles, restored segment of Mt Lukens trail down to Haines Cyn & Sister Elsie Trail

11. Pigpen Spur

5.25 miles, FR 2N76B, dead end road connecting to Stone Cyn Trail and Sister Elsie trail.

12. spur road to summit

5.49 miles, wide junction with many roads leading to the many electronic sites here. Turn right past cistern "Sister Elsie" to the high point at the end of the spur to the summit of Mt Lukens