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El Dorado Park two mile nature trail

El Dorado Park, Long Beach, California USA
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.8 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview:  These trails are hidden gems in the busy city of Long Beach. You would never know that you were not lost in hidden woods, rather then ... more »

Tips:  To get to the El Dorado park nature center from I-605 south, exit at Spring street, and follow the signs for the park, which will mean... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Footbridge at the start

This is a view from the footbridge, looking left, straight and right by the Nature Center at the very start. You get here after parking and going through the gate. From the very start you feel like you've been taken away from the city.

Most of the time there are turtles sunning themselves on boards that are set up for them right by the bridge on ... More

2. Views of the lake by the Nature Center.

You get beautiful vistas by the lake walking towards the trail head for the actual nature trails. Most of the time there is wildlife to see, such as great blue heron, egrets turtles and other waterfowl. Today was egret day it seemed. I never saw a single great blue, which is very unusual.

3. Trail head marker

Trail head marker. Go left for the 1 and 2 mile nature trails. The other way is a nice little marked trail with informational signs for those who don't want to walk far.

This is technically the actual start of the trails.

4. Directional signpost

Signpost to make sure you stay on the proper trail.

5. Wild Mulberry

This is a wild mulberry field. There is a small marker describing this on the trail. After having gone through the woods, the area becomes open and wider for a while here. Sometimes there are rabbits in this area.

6. Mid point marker

The midpoint signpost. Go right for the two mile trail. For those who are not feeling ambitious, feel free to cut it short and take the one mile trail. Both have wonderful scenery.

7. First views of the lake from the Two Mile trail.

You follow the lake for a time after you get here. This is a great area for wildlife and pictures.

8. Fork in the road.

Go right following the trail marker.

9. Restroom

Restrooms are here, which is nice. There are many drinking fountains along the route too.

10. An unmarked fork.

When you reach this unmarked fork, go right and continue straight along the trail.

11. The signposts for the end.

The exit is straight ahead as marked on the sign at the right.

12. The final footbridge

This footbridge leads back to the nature center and the finish. Follow the sign and go right after crossing. Be sure to take note of the lovely views of the lake getting there too.

13. And back to the start!

The Nature center, where it all began.