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Ohlone Wilderness Trail

Rugged but rewarding trek is best way to see East Bay backcountry

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 29.1 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview:  Ohlone Wilderness Trail is one wicked walk: 28 miles in two days with over 7,600 feet of elevation gain. But it's worth the strain as ... more »

Tips:  This hike is not for rookies, though conditioned day hikers looking to try backpacking should be able to do it over three days.

Mind ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Day 1 (Del Valle to Rose Peak) - Part 1

It's best to start out from Del Valle Regional Park, where you'll want fresh legs for the meanest climbs. Your goal: 10 miles to the Maggie's Half Acre campsite near Rose Peak.

Del Valle's Lichen Bark picnic area has a sign marking the eastern terminus of the Ohlone Trail. The first mile is a gentle up-and-down to a sign-in board. Be sure to... More

2. Day 1 - Part 2

After a seemingly endless climb, you cross a ridge and make your way to another T intersection. A right turn takes you over to Murietta Falls, the highest waterfall in the Bay Area. Water flows in the falls only after several days of rain, so don't bother if the weather's been dry.

If you turn left, you're in for another four miles of gentler... More

3. Day 2 - Rose Peak to Stanford Ave. gate

Break camp as early as you can, as 18 miles await. The trail takes a few steep dives but it's mostly pleasant ridge walking for the first 10 miles down to the Sunol Wilderness headquarters. Just follow the red-tagged trail markers, which are numbered in reverse order from the Fremont terminus of the trail.

Break for lunch at the Sunol... More