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The Wetlands of Long Tule Point

An 8-10 mile paddle through one of the largest remaining wetlands on Clear Lake. Beautiful ridgeline and mountain views.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  A bucolic paddle along Clear Lake’s largest remaining natural shoreline, past cottonwoods and ancient oaks and small waterfront... more »

Tips:  On calm days, this is a gentle paddling experience; when the wind kicks up, it is best to hug the shoreline. A great alternate paddle ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Boat Launch at Lakeside Park in Lakeport

From the boat ramp at Lakeside County Park, 1985 Park Drive in Lakeport, paddle toward the lake and turn left to head west.

2. Corinthian Bay

Small waterfront community.

3. Long Tule Point

As you leave the park behind, you will pass a small waterfront community on Corinthian Bay (2)
before approaching Long Tule Point (3), one of the largest remaining tule wetlands on Clear Lake.

At risk from development, the Lake County Land Trust has identified preservation of this expanse of shoreline - from Clear Lake State Park to Lakeport -... More

4. McGough Slough

Continue around the point toward McGaugh Slough (4), a favorite bird-watching spot.

Designated an "Important Bird Area" by Audubon California, Clear Lake hosts more than 300 species of local and migratory birds. Here, cormorant colonies roost in lakeside trees. Great Blue Heron and egrets hunt fish on the tule fringes while osprey soar overhead.... More

5. Adobe Creek

After nearly a mile, you’ll approach Adobe Creek (5), one of the largest spawning runs for the Clear Lake hitch, a fish unique to Lake County. The best months to find Clear Lake hitch on Adobe Creek are March and April, from Soda Bay Road.

Soon you will pass Reeves point and the small community at Land’s End, known for its heron rookeries.

At waypoint (6), you’ll see a series of docks in a small cove, the Konocti Vista Resort at Big Valley Rancheria. This is a great spot to pull in and have lunch at the restaurant, take a break, or try your hand at a few slot machines.

The Big... More

7. Rumsey Slough

At this point, head west to poke around the Rumsey Slough area or head back hugging the shoreline. The 4- to 5-mile return trip features a spectacular view of Mount Konocti.

8. Quercus Point

For an alternate 6-mile trip, head east from the boat ramp at Lakeside County Park, paddling one mile toward Quercus Point (8) past another huge remaining stand of tule reeds with
grebe nesting areas, cormorant rookeries, and wood duck nesting boxes.

Two more miles will bring you to Clear Lake State Park for lunch - or a rest - then meander back along the shoreline until you return to Lakeside County Park. See Water Trail 5 on Soda Bay for more details on this scenic paddle that includes Quercus Point, Clear Lake State Park, and Soda Bay.