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Pioneer Trail and Fife Creek Area Loop of Armstrong Grove

Armstrong Grove State Preserve

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.5 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview:  The Pioneer Trail in Armstrong Grove is an excellent example of a typical Old Growth Redwood Forest. This grove was one of the last... more »

Tips:  A popular park off the Russian River, Armstrong can get quite busy. The picnic areas fill quickly so check with the park web site... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trail Head

The trail head used is across the road from the Ranger Station near the park entrance booth.

2. Parson Jones Tree

The Parson Jones Tree.

310 Feet tall.
Diameter 13.8 feet.
Approximate age is 300 years.

3. Junction

Road crossing. Continue on Pioneer Trail.

4. Redwood Tree Cross-Section

A Redwood tree slice with plaques depicting historical events.

This tree germinated around 948 AD.

5. ADA Trail

Braille placard commemorating the ADA trail and Carol Smith, Supervisor for the Sonoma County Probation program and champion of disabled citizen projects.

6. Hazelnut Tree

A Hazelnut tree for my mother-in-law since Hazelnuts are priced as luxury items locally.

7. Junction

Road Intersection: Continue through.

8. Col. Armstrong Tree

The Col. Armstrong Tree.

14.6 foot diameter at the base.
308 feet tall.
Age: 1400 years!

9. Trail Head

Trailhead at the Redwood Forest Theater parking lot.

10. Junction

Pool Ridge Trail Intersection.

11. Trail Head

Trail head to the Redwood Forest Theater.

12. Junction

Trail Intersection. Follow the route to the Picnic Area.

13. Steps


14. Fire Hollowed Redwood.

Fire Hollowed Redwood.

15. Fallen Redwood

A gigantic fallen Redwood.

Local grade school tours highlight this tree with its detached bark. Portions are climbable!

16. Fallen Redwood

A fallen Redwood over the creek.

17. Bridge

Over Fife Creek.

18. Icicle Tree

The Icicle Tree.

Examine the unusual burl wood on this Redwood. Up the trunk it is grown out like icicles. Formations like this are not common and highly prized.

On some examples it's been said they can weigh a couple of tons.

19. Junction

Intersection: Pioneer Trail and Discovery Trail.

Take the Pioneer Trail back toward the Visitor’s center.

20. Road Crossing

Continue on the Pioneer Trail.

21. Road Crossing

22. Trail Head

Return to Trailhead.