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Shopping and museums in Rio de Janeiro

A rainy day in Rio de Janeiro is an opportunity to enjoy shopping centres and museums.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 14.105 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview:  Rio de Janeiro: the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) is of alluring beauty. With the contrast between the verdant rainforests, the ... more »

Tips:  The best way to move in RIo is by taxi, quite cheap and fast despite of traffic jam. To go to Niteroi however, the boat is probably... more »

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Points of Interest

Fort Copacabana is a military base. The base is open to the public and contains the Museu Histórico do Exército (Museum of the History of the Army) and a coastal defense fort that is the actual Fort Copacabana.
Not that fascinating, but nice view.
Catch a taxi to POI 2.

Inaugurated in 1980, RioSul is the first Shopping centre built in Rio. With 380 shops and many restaurants, the place is perfect to discover Carioca's fashion during rainy days or during the evening as the centre close at 10pm (9pm on Sunday).
Catch a taxi to POI 3.

3. Museum of Modern Art

Keep in mind that most of the visitors are disappointed with the collections, but the interest is in the location and the views from the museum.
Catch a taxi to POI 4.

4. Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Gloria do Outeiro

This church was inaugurated in 1739. It is one of the icons of Rio and a jewel of the colonial constructions in Brazil.

Since the arrival in Rio of the Portuguese imperial family in 1808, the church was the site of the baptisms off all the children of the imperial family.
Catch a taxi to POI 5, or alternatively 9 if you prefer to visit the Centro... More

5. Praça XV de novembro

The ticket office for the Ferry boat to Niteroi is on this place near the port. Buy a round trip to Niteroi.

6. Scenic view on the Sugarloaf, Niteroi's bridge, Corcovado and city centre

The boat trip to Niteroi offers great scenic views on Rio and Niteroi.

7. Taxi to the museum of contemporany art

10 minutes by taxi to reach the museum of contemporary art.
Niteroi's seashore, with the panorama on Rio, is a good place for a short walk.

8. Niteroi's museum of contemporary art

Completed in 1996, the museum was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. It is 16 meters high with a diameter of 50 metres and has three floors, “like a flower,” according to Niemeyer.
Keep in mind that then interest is in the building rather than in the collection however.

Cultural center that consists of three theaters, four exhibition rooms, a library, cinema, and a video room. A beautiful piece of architectural history, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil is located in what used to be the financial district of Rio de Janeiro.