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Yamazaki - Kyoto.

A small village, with a big heart.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.2 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  On June 21st 1582, Akechi Mitsuhide, a retainer of Lord Oda Nobunaga, attacked Nobunaga as he rested and forced him to commit seppuku ... more »

Tips:  Access to Yamazaki is very-easy,as it is serviced by two rail links - J.R's Yamazaki Station, and Hankyu's Oyamazaki Station. Both... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Hankyu Oyamazaki Station.

I have commenced this trail from the Hankyu Oyamazaki Station as, I assume, you will be arriving/departing from here.
The Hankyu trains are not the only ones that pass through here. Immediately behind the Hankyu line is the Shinkansen Line. These guys are probably travelling around 250kmph as they pass this point.
Out the front of the... More

2. Oyamazaki Museum of History.

The museum is divided into five sections - Antiquity,The Middle Ages,the Yamazaki War,Rikyutaian and Modern Ages.
Admittance is 200-yen.
In the attached photo, you will see the Hankyu Oyamazaki Station in the distance.

3. Buo'no Cafe.

As mentioned in the introduction, there are many cafes/restaurants in the area.
The Buo'no Cafe offers you a menu of Pasta and Pizza and, on occasion,live music.

4. Hermit Green Cafe.

The Hermit Green cafe is a new addition to the Yamazaki cafe scene offering a more light snack.

5. Monument.

I have included this landmark to help with the directions. This wee alley is so easily missed.

6. Warning.

At this point I need to make you aware that you will have to cross 10-rail lines and, as this is the Japan Rail Main Line, it is very busy.
Once across, the environment changes from commercial to residential.From this point continue up the hill to Dainen-ji Temple and Hashaku-ji Temple.

7. Approach to Dainen-ji Temple.

This, if anything, is a slight-detour. But, don't be put-off by the photo. There are only a hundred-or-so steps to climb.

8. Dianen-ji Temple.

I am afraid to say that I can't provide any information regarding Dainen-ji, just to say that it is a nice detour before continuing onto the next POI.

9. Hoshaku-ji Temple, also known as Takaradera Temple.

The main attractions of this complex are the statue of Buddha, created during the Kamakura Era (1185-1333), and a 3-storyed Pagoda with links to the Samurai hero, Hashiba Hideyoshi (1536-1598).

10. Three-storyed Pagoda.

The Pagoda has links to the Samurai Hashiba Hedeyoshi (check-out his biography on Wikipedia)who became famous as the creator of Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle).He is also regarded as Japan's second "great unifier".

The complex is a wonderful venue to relax, take-in the serenity and view the statue of Buddha, before continuing-on with your walk.
The temple is open from 9am to 4pm and admittance is 400-yen.

12. Small Shrine.

You have now arrived at a junction. If you are following this course, you next destination will be the Asahi Museum of Art. If you are feeling energetic and have a spare hour, continue on up towards the summit of Tennozan. There are two observation points where you will get a good view down the Yodagawa (Yoda River)and, on a good clear day, Osaka ... More

What can I say about this complex. It has everything - the Museum of Art, perfectly maintained grounds and gardens. Don't rush you visit it is worth the time spent wandering through the facility and, if you have bought lunch, a great place to take a rest.The architecture of the museum consists both old and new. The existing Western Tudor-style... More

If you are arriving/departing via the J.R. Line, it won't be a problem connecting to the trail from here.
As you arrive at this point you will be greeted with the "Village Square" feeling.
There is also another sign giving you more details of the area.

15. Myokian (Taian) Tea-house.

The Taian tea-house is one of only three in Japan and is the oldest of all three.
Said to be the creation of Sen-no-Rikyu, who first perfected the "Japanese Tea-Ceremony", the Taian tea-house is designated a "National Treasure".
Said to be built in the 16th century, the tea-house measures only two-tatami mats in size (1.91m x 1.91m).
Advanced... More

16. Cafe Tabi Tabi and Relish.

This is my favourite cafe in Yamazaki. You can either sit indoors, or sit outdoors and take-in the atmosphere of the square.
Make sure you have something substantial to eat because your next destination is the Whisky distillery.
While here take the stairs up to Relish and search for that wee-something to take home.

Again I need to warn you about the rail-crossing, especially when you depart (need I say why).
Upon arrival you need to check-in at the entrance, especially if you are planning on doing the tour. If you are not doing the tour, you can proceed to the building that houses the museum, shop and library/bar.
I would suggest you take the tour. It is... More

18. Suntory Museum, Shop and Library/bar.

I suggest you take-in the museum first as this will lead you to the shop. From here move-onto the library/bar and sample to your hearts content.If it is a nice day, take your drinks outside and view the well maintained gardens.

19. Bien Sport Cafe.

Just to let you know you are still on the right track, in case you overindulged at Suntory.

20. Rikyu Hachiman-gu Shrine.

At the beginning of the "Heian Era" (794-1185)the Emperor Seiwa ordered Gyokyo, a Buddhist Priest, to remove the devine symbol of the USA-Hachiman-gu from Kyushu and enshrine it somewhere in Kyoto.When Gyokyo stopped by Yamazaki, he saw that a holy light eminated from the mountain at night. He then dug at the place and found spring water gushing... More