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Sentosa Island, Singapore

Family-friendly trek around the island, including the Merlion, Imbiah Lookout, and Siloso and Palawan beaches
Rating: 3 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.932 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Remember in the story “Pinocchio,” when the boys are taken to Pleasure Island and find all manner of entertainment (before turning... more »

Tips:  GETTING THERE – There are numerous ways to get to the island, with Singapore Cable Car being the most unique (and expensive at $26... more »

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Points of Interest

Singapore’s unofficial mascot is the perfect starting point to a walking tour of this inspired creation called Sentosa. A visiting prince attempting to colonize the island reported that he had a run-in with a fierce lion, which is represented by its lion head, while its fish tail refers to the island’s roots as a fishing village. This towering... More

2. Imbiah Lookout

From the base of the Merlion head up the escalators toward Imbiah Lookout, which offers a number of attractions. At the start is Images of Singapore – not your typical Sentosa destination, yet worthwhile nonetheless. The dioramas provide visitors a decent retelling of Singapore’s history and insight into its multi-cultural heritage. The kids might... More

From the museum follow the signs to Sentosa Nature Discovery. Located next to the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, the center is free of charge and gives kids a chance to use their newfound knowledge of Singapore’s natural habitats on the attached Nature Walk. If you or the kids love all things creepy and crawly, and you have a Play Pass (see... More

After some cerebral and cultural stimulation, it’s time get the blood flowing again with a swift roll down a steep hill. The Skyline Luge Sentosa, located next to Images of Singapore, uses go-kart-like luges that you can steer down one of two tracks toward Siloso Beach. A Skyride chairlift will take riders back to the top, or you can stay and... More

5. Beach Station

Traveling from Beach Station also involves some choices. If you wish to keep walking, head toward the Songs of the Sea signs to the walkway, and follow signs to Siloso and Palawan beaches. There are free, though sometimes infrequent, trams to all of the island’s beaches. Or visitors can rent Segways at the Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure at the rear ... More

Second fiddle to its glitzier neighbor Siloso, Palawan is the island’s best beach for families. And the opening of the new Port of Lost Wonder kids club has sealed that reputation. Anchored by a huge pirate ship-themed water play area, POLW also has outdoor and indoor play areas, sand pits, food and beverage outlets, locker rooms, and daily... More

The beach for big kids (read adults), Siloso does offer many attractions for families amid the bars and beach clubs. It’s a longer walk from Beach Station, so consider taking the tram, or walk five minutes to Gogreen Cycle and Island Explorer and take off on a two-wheel adventure.

On the beach side you will find Wave House Sentosa, a 70,000... More

Many families will want to call it a day at the beach. But if cleaning sand out of hair and shoes doesn’t interest you, consider heading up to Siloso Point for your final stop. Follow the signs at the cul-de-sac at Siloso Beach, head up the stairs and walk toward Underwater World Singapore. A small but accessible aquarium, it allows visitors to... More