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798 Art Zone for Families and Photographers

Art galleries, architecture, restaurants, bookstores and more
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Located in Dashanzi, at the northeast part of Beijing next to the Airport Expressway, the Beijing 798 Art Zone has become a must visit... more »

Tips:  Late spring to early autumn is the best time to visit. Winter is rather cold. However, the galleries and buildings are heated and open... more »

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Points of Interest

There are a few entrances to Beijing's 798 Art Zone. Most visitors enter via 798 Street. There is a map at the entrance. Since galleries and shops come and go, the map can only serve to provide an overview and not as a directory.

In the summer, street artists draw portraits along 798 Street. You will see portraits of familiar faces such as... More

2. Red House and Black Disc Coffee

After walking through the 798 Street entrance, turn right on the first junction to the Qixing (Seven Star) West Street. You will see the Red House Gallery and Black Disc Coffee.

Red House Gallery is not a house but a moving bus. The bus is parked here during the summer and painted red. Inside the bus is a gallery for paintings of outdoor sports.
... More

3. 798 Space

When you reach the end of Seven Star West Street, make a left and follow Seven Star Road, then make a left on Third Ceramic Street, where you will enter a huge German-style factory building.

There are a few art galleries and even a tailor shop here. The 798 Space, a large empty space the size of about two basketball courts, is at the end of the ... More

4. 798 (Hundred Year) Photo Gallery

Across the corridor from the 798 Space is the Hundred Year Photo Gallery, which displays the work of various photographers year-round.

The theme for the gallery is life in China with topics such as migrant workers, Chinese families and their belongings, and Chinese people and the train. There are also old news event photos such as Chairman Mao... More

After wandering for an hour through the various art galleries, it is time for a snack and coffee. At the corner of the 798 Space and 798 Photo is the 798 Square, home to At Cafe and Tianxia Yan (Lord of Salt) Sichuan Restaurant.

At Cafe serves Western-style coffee and snacks. Pizza and sandwiches are good choices.

Tianxia Yan (Lord of Salt)... More

6. 751 Platform

After the coffee and snacks break, walk toward 751 D-Park. The first interesting thing you will see is the 751 Platform (train station).

This railway is still used today to transport coal and oil for winter heating in the area. There is a locomotive on permanent display in front of the train station. Pose your family in front of the locomotive... More

7. 751 D-Park

751 D-Park (Designer Park) was established at the site of the old 751 factory. It is next to and outside of the more famous 798 Art Zone and is home to China's fashion industry.

751 D-Park was designated as the venue for China Fashion Week 07-08 Collections Fashion Show. Even before the fashion show, famous fashion designers had already moved... More

8. Yiran Bookstore and Coffee

After visiting most of the 798 Art Zone, it is time to return to the 798 entrance. But before leaving, stop at Yiran Bookstore and Coffee.

This little bookstore caters to art lovers. It has a large collection of art books in both Chinese and English.

Perhaps a little rest in the coffee shop is an excellent choice for you to view all the great... More

9. 798 Originality Square

If you still have energy and want to see even more art, head to 798 Originality Square. It was added to the 798 Art Zone around 2007. On prominent display in the center of the square is the "Wolves Attack" metal sculpture.

Take your time and wander through the many art galleries in the area.

Tip: Since the 798 Originality Square is away from... More