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Tel Aviv for Kids

A bike tour of this cosmopolitan but kid-friendly city
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.1 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Tel Aviv is Israel's most dynamic and cosmopolitan city, with a wide spectrum of sites and activities for your family to choose from. ... more »

Tips:  Make sure to take hats, water (there are taps to refill with fresh cold water along the route) and snacks, although there are areas... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Bicycle Rental

For families with older kids, head to the Tel-O-Fun bike rental station at the corner of Nordau & Yarkon streets where you can rent 3-gear bikes in one size. If you have younger children, walk down Nordau Boulevard to the corner of Nordau & Ben Yehuda streets, where you'll find the O-Fun Bike rental store, which has bikes in sizes for both... More

2. Yarkon River Promenade

The Yarkon River is Israel's longest, over 27 kilometers from its sources near Rosh Ha'ayin to its outlet adjacent to the port of Tel Aviv.

We'll head east along the southern bank of the Yarkon Promenade into the Yarkon National Park which has more than 875 acres of greenery, tons of activities and many bike paths. The bike path we'll be taking... More

3. “Pinat- Hai” (animal corner)

Just after the path (along the southern bank of the Yarkon River) passes under the Namir Street bridge along Bavli Street you will find a small animal corner. The site is very popular with children - open to the public all year round, all day & free of charge. Make sure you bring left-over vegetables for the kids to feed the animals!

Adjacent... More

4. Wooden Bridge - Babli Neighborhood

Via this scenic wooden bridge (approximately 44 meters long)you'll cross over to the northern bank of the Yarkon.

5. The Park Lake

One of the most popular places in the Ganei Yehoshua Yarkon Park is an artificial lake (created in 1976) overlooking the panoramic skyline of the B'nai Brak Business Center towers. Here you'll be able to rent pedal boats and enjoy viewing the carp and gold fish. In the center of the lake you'll discover a beautiful island often used for weddings, ... More

6. Zapari (Bird Zoo) Junga Junga

A play on the words Safari and the Hebrew word for bird, Zipor, is the source of the name of this very popular bird zoo - The Zapari.

This is one of the largest bird parks in the Middle East, (more than 7.5 acres). A virtual paradise where you'll find among the dense tropical vegetation and waterfalls a spectacular variety of colorful birds ... More

7. "Hapina Hayeruka" Kosher Restaurant

In the event you didn't bring a picnic lunch with you and prefer not to eat the fast food at the snack bar near the lake, you may wish to have a relaxing meal at the "Hapina Hayeruka" Kosher Restaurant. The restaurant is located in the Beautiful Israel Convention Center, with a patio deck overlooking the river.

Hapina Hayeruka: +972-3-6422741, ... More

8. Sportec

Sportec is definitely one of the most challenging attractions in the Yarkon park. It consists of a 45-foot high climbing wall, known as “Olympus,” basketball and rollerblading courts (rollerblades and balls are for rent) and trampolines.

With various options available from age 5 on up. There's also mini-golf operated by this same company at the ... More

9. Ibn Gavirol Bridge

The bike path will ascend to the old bridge (parallel to the modern Ibn Gavirol bridge) allowing you to cross back over to the southern bank of the Yarkon river.

10. Hof Mitzitzim

This mythological beach received its name from a 1972 Israeli comedy movie called Metzitzim (Peeping Toms). The film starred Arik Einstein who became one of Israel's most popular singers and Uri Zohar who later went on to become a Rabbi.

Today the beach is one of the most accessible and family friendly along the Tel Aviv coastline. You'll find ... More