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Island 89 Susquehanna River Water Trail

Susquehanna River 51-mile water trail that runs from Sunbury to Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  Island 89 sits high dry almost in the center of the river. Wonderful views can be seen from its shores. Large enough for a few tents, ... more »

Tips:  Boat, PFD, Paddle. Be Safe!!! Stay tuned more of these island guides to come!!

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Points of Interest

1. Susquehanna River Water Trail

The Susquehanna River Water Trail Middle Section is a 51-mile water trail that runs from Sunbury to Harrisburg and includes 22 publicly owned islands for camping and day use by paddlers and other boaters.

2. Clemson Island Access

The Clemson Island access offers a public boat dock just off Routes 11/15. Plenty of room for parking and nice views.

3. Island 89

Nice size camping island in the middle of the river. Complete with fire ring, and log book to share your experience.

4. Confluence of Susquehanna & Juniata Rivers

The meeting of the Juniata and the Susquehanna rivers. Be careful is this area, sometimes there can be some heavy chop here. The larger of the 2 bridges here is the Clarks Ferry bridge over the mighty Susquehanna.

5. Ann Street, Duncannon PA River Access

Wonderful views of the 2 mountain gaps here at the Ann Street take out point. Grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants.