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Climb massive volcanoes, trek through prehistoric jungles, and snorkel with the sea turtles in clear blue water
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 35.227 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview:  This chain of islands created by underwater volcanoes is one of the top vacation getaways for many in the United States. You can... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Haleakala's Sliding Sands

(4.0 miles out & back) - Explore cinder cones and old lava flows from within Haleakala, possibly the largest dormant volcano on the planet. Formed by erosion rather than volcanic activity, the valley at the summit of Haleakala boasts much to marvel at and the packed cinder and soil underfoot makes for a relatively easy hike. Here you''ll find ... More

2. Pipiwai Waterfalls Trail

(4.0 miles out & back) - A favorite Maui hike, yet for some people the drive to the trailhead alone is excitement enough. The journey along the Hana Highway is sixty miles of scenic but curvy coastal road reportedly featuring six hundred and twenty curves and many single bridges. If you relish your driving experiences then the Hana Highway... More

3. Waihee Ridge Trail

(4.5 miles out & back) - Ascend the Waihee ridgeline trail up Maui's western peak of Pu'u Kukui and you'll be hiking above the sightseeing helicopter tours and admiring the lush rainforest valleys and coastlines beyond.

4. Inside Kilauea''s Crater

(8.5 mile loop) - The volcanic activity that created the Hawaiian island chain hasn't yet finished working on what's know as the "Big Island called Hawaii. If you need evidence, look no further than the lava flows and gas eruptions that spill from the Kilauea volcano located on the south-east side of the Big Island.

5. Alaka'i Swamp Trail

(11.0 miles out & back) - Take a westerly drive around Kauai and you'll eventually run out of road, finding yourself overlooking the plunging cliffs of Kalalau Valley and the legendary Na Pali Coast. This unforgettable hike leads you along cliff-top trails with stunning coastal views before branching off on a network of boardwalk paths through... More

6. Hanakapi'ai Falls

(8.0 miles out & back) - The Na Pali coast is stuff of legends. Perhaps because it's located on the remote western coast of Kauai, perhaps it's the challenge of tackling the narrow eleven mile coastal trail, or perhaps it's because there are people who like it so much out there that they've set up permanent (yet illegal) settlements.

7. Nounou Mountain, Kauai

(4.0 miles out & back) - Nounou Mountain rises from the eastern leeward lands of Kauai. Local legend tells of a giant who feasted so much at a party in his honor that he laid down for a nap and never awoke, and since the hike up East Nounou Mountain trail takes you straight over his head and up his nose, you might want to cross you fingers... More

8. Diamond Head Peak, Oʻahu

(2.0 miles out & back) - This quick, but steep hike is only about 0.8 miles each way on a paved path, but the views from the top of downtown Honolulu and the surrounding area are well worth it. There is a great spot at the top for pictures with Honolulu as the backdrop and some bunkers left over from WWII that you can look in. To get to the... More

9. Maunawili Trail, Oʻahu

(10.0 miles one way) - The trailhead is a bit difficult to find (park at a scenic viewpoint turnoff on Pali Highway and search through the plants to find it). The trail quickly leaves the noisy highway and turns into a more secluded hike as you walk towards Waimanalo. You can turn back at any time, but if you wish to do the whole thing it might ... More