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Opal Canyon OHV Trail

Red Rock Canyon State Park

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 8.3 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview:  Red Rock Canyon State Park contains over 30 miles of 4WD back roads traversing the scenic desert terrain. A good map is needed and... more »

Tips:  The best of these roads were rough and nearly impassable by an abused AWD Subaru. We DO NOT recommend traveling these roads without... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of the OHV Trail

The Opal Canyon OHV trail starts just off of Hwy 14. There is a break in the 2-lane highway at this point: if you see the Red Cliffs trail or Abbott road (for the visitor center), you are too far south. If the (small) road sign says Red Rock - Inyokern Road, you are too far north.

2. Driving in a Wash

After the first right turn, the road merges with a sandy wash. There were some rough spots for a Subaru.

3. Rough Road

The road gets very rough, and nearly impassable for a car after the wash. Go slow, and watch out for oncoming vehicles.

4. Road's end for a Subaru

This section looked to be a bit rough and steep for a car, but the motorcycles were having a good time.

5. Desert Views

Many points along the road treat you to beautiful desert views