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Little Lakes Valley

A day hike from the Mosquito Flat trailhead through the Little lakes valley to Morgan Pass.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.9 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Little lakes valley hike is a beautiful day hike in the eastern sierra that takes you through scenic lakes formed by snow melt.

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Tips:  Please bring water if you don't have a water purifier. There is no drinking water available at the trail head.

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Points of Interest

1. Mosquito Flat trailhead

The trail head is at an elevation of 10000+ ft and is located at the end of the Rock creek Road. There is a walk-in campsite located at the trail head which is for backpackers.

Parking might be an issue during the weekends (esp in July/August) but there are several parking spots along the road (which might add another mile to your hike).

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2. Mack Lake

This is the first lake in the hike and is located about 100-150ft below the trail. The creek that you see in the picture is Rock Creek that flows into the Mack Lake and goes all the way along the Rock Creek Road.

3. Marsh Lake

The second lake along the trail is Mack Lake. You can scramble on a few rocks to see the heart lake in the background.

4. Heart Lake

Heart Lake, obviously named for its shape is the next one in the hike. The shape is not easily visible from this trail.

You should consider hiking to Mono pass to clearly see the heart shape (the last picture is taken from the hike to Mono Pass).

5. Box Lake

Box lake lies about 50-100ft below the trail. You can scramble down the rocks to get to the lake. There were a few brave people swimming in the cold waters of the lake.

6. Meadows

The trail steadily gains elevation from the box lake as you approach Long lake, chicken foot lake and Morgan pass. You walk beside beautiful meadows.

7. Chickenfoot Lake

Chickenfoot lake is small detour from the main trail. There is a marker indicating the trail to the chickenfoot lake.

8. Trail to Morgan Pass splits here.

The trail splits here and you need to go straight to head to Morgan pass. The trail on the right takes you to Gem lakes.

After this point, the trail steadily gains elevation and after 2-4 switchbacks, you are Morgan Pass, at an elevation of 11000+ feet.

9. Upper Morgan Lake

After Morgan pass, within a half mile is the Upper morgan lake.

10. Lower Morgan Lake

Lower Morgan lake is probably another quarter to half mile from Upper Morgan Lake but is about 300-400ft lower than the Upper Morgan Lake. We did not end up going to the Lower lake.

11. Gem Lakes

You can visit the Gem Lakes on the way back.