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Frog Lake Loop - Henry Coe State Park

The best introduction to Henry Coe State Park south of San Jose and Silicon Valley, California

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.8 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  Henry Coe State Park is all peaks, ridges and valleys, and its reputation for arduous treks is well deserved. Frog Lake Loop is the... more »

Tips:  Watch for poison oak on narrow sections of trail.

Inspect your clothing for ticks -- they are very common in the springtime and can... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Dunne Avenue HQ

You must stop here first to pay your parking fee -- you'll need your car's license plate number.

From the park HQ, start out on Manzanita Point Road, it's the one paved road heading uphill near the parking lot in front of the park HQ.

On your right, you'll pass a mobile home where some of the park staff live.

2. Monument Trail

Watch for the Monument Trail sign off to the left just past the park residence.

Turn left here and head uphill on a switch-backed single-track trail. The climb can be a bit steep, so take a rest if you start to get winded.

Excellent views of the nearby mountains open on the way up this trail.

3. Ponderosa Trail junction

After about a third of a mile you'll reach the junction with the Ponderosa Trail.

From here you have two options: go straight to Hobbs Road or turn right for a side trip to the Coe Monument.

I recommend checking out the monument, but if you opt to go straight, continue till you reach Hobbs Road, then turn left and start making your way down... More

4. Henry Coe monument

This stone and bas-relief monument pays tribute to Henry Willard Coe, a rancher who owned all this land before passing it on to his descendants, who were responsible for creating the park in his name.

From here, head down Hobbs Road. Take your time and watch your footing, it's easy to slip in the steep sections.

5. Creek Crossing - Lake Trail/Flat Frog trail

Hobbs Road descends to a creek crossing -- you'll have to rock-hop across it.

Once you're on the other side, bear right on the Lake Trail, which takes you to Frog Lake.

6. Frog Lake and return leg - Flat Frog Trail

Here you can pause along the shore and watch for wildlife, and rest up for your return leg.

When you're ready to move on, go back to Lake Trail and follow it back to the creek crossing.

When you cross the creek, take the left turn on Flat Frog Trail.

Take the Flat Frog Trail for 2.3 miles -- watch out for mountain bikers along the way, it's ... More

7. Manzanita Road/Flat Frog Trail junction

Flat Frog Trail ends at Manzanita Point Road. Cross the road and take the first right turn on Corral Trail, which takes you back to the Park HQ in a little over half a mile.