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Nova Bystřice/Albeř-Stare Mesto-Mařiž

Continuing the bicycling tour of Ceska Kanada; including the ceramics workshop at Mariz.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 11.309 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview:  This trip is mostly about the ride and the Mariz ceramics workshop. Unless you stop to look for mushrooms, there is not a lot in... more »

Tips:  Stare Mesto is the only place along this route that has an actual supermarket to do any small grocery shopping. It is also the only... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Klašter

This is also your entrance into the forest on route

2. Filipov

Nice little church behinid a clearing.

3. Dobrotin

This small church sits at the bottom of a very short, but steep incline. There is also what we have come to call, "the house of Oz" right at the base of the hill. It is an oddly designed structure.

4. Stare Mesto

There was construction in town this year, hence the detour around the back of town, but we did find a nice pub back there because of it.

5. Turn right

6. Mařiž Ceramics