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Nova Bystrice/Alber-Slavonice

Starting the Czech Canada route from Nova Bystrice to Slavonice.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 13.049 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  In my opinion, this is family-friendly if your kids are just starting their teens. My son started this last year when he was 12 and... more »

Tips:  Getting here by train is reletively easy. Stops from Veseli nad Luznici or Jindrichuv Hradec make nice rides. You can take your bike... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The start of Route 1116

We could begin this trip either out of Nova Bystrice or Alber. From either place we get on the main road to get here. The main road is the Prague-Greenways route 32 or the Czech road 152. We turn at this point and go up the hill a bit into the forest.

2. New Pond or Resevoir

I don't know what's happening here, if it is a man-made pond or resevoir being built or just an expansion of the water supply for the livestock, but it does serve as a good landmark.

3. Turn to Blato

We make right turn here just after the train tracks and head into the small town of Blato. There is a pension coming up on your left if you feel like a pit stop.

4. Penzion Lada

A good stop for a beer or morning cup of coffee. Has a nice outdoor garden and a cute interior bar. From here it is a nice ride through the forest to Landstejn, mostly downhill.

5. Landstejn

At this point we turn left up the small, short hill and head down into the forest. This is the start of the off-road section of the trip as we follow the green tourist path to the yellow tourist path and then to Stalkov down into Slavonice.

There are about three places to stop and eat here, Holubnik (right behind this sign), a small place behind ... More

6. Landmark building, for reference only

If you've made the correct turn onto the green tourist path you should see this newish house to your left. If not, double-check where you are.

7. Turn onto the green tourist path

8. The road here looks something like this

Coming out onto an open plain there is a monument to Jara Cimrman on your right in a moment.

9. Cimrman

The small plaque on the platform says, "Kdyby tudy Jára Cimrman byl do vídně šel, nemohl se tu nezastavit."

10. Right turn to Stalkov

Here we change from the green tourist path to the yellow and head downhill to the small town of Stalkov. (on another trip we could head uphill to the Bison Ranch).

11. Entrance to Pfaffenschlag

This will be hard to notice as you are probably coming rapidly downhill and the sign is on your right facing oncoming traffic, but it is well worth keeping an eye out for.

The path leads back a little bit into the forest to your right.

12. Pfaffenschlag ruins

The remains of the medieval village were discovered in the summer of 1958.

This medieval, agricultural village consisted of twelve to sixteen houses, a mill, farm buildings, cellars and an underground passage which served as a hiding place (up to 30 m long). The houses were of stone, and which were followed up with a wooden or wickerwork of... More

13. Bunker

An example of a "Type A", light bunker built in the 2nd half of the last century along the borders with Nazi Germany, Austria and Hungary. During mobilization in September 1938 this particular line of defence in present-day Souther Moravia was fully prepared to fight. This bunker would have had 7 soldiers and 2 machine guns.

If you find this at... More

Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003, it is well known for its Renaissance architecture in the Upper Square. It has an underground system of tunnels which are open to the public.

The Lower Square is where you will find various shops and restaurants, among them, the Gallery and Workshop of Zuzana Krajcovicova.

The squares are... More