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Purnululu National Park - World Heritage Area

Experience the wonders of Purnululu National Park and the Bungle Bungle Range

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 29.204 miles
Duration: Multiple days

Overview:  The towering rocky domes of the Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park have enchanted people with their majestic beauty since ... more »

Tips:  The park is 304km by road from Kununurra and 160km north-east of Halls Creek. Most of the route is sealed highway.
The last 53km into... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Piccaninny Creek Carpark

This is the starting point for a number of walks into and around the famous "Bee Hive" domes of the Purnululu National Park. The landscape, geology and cultural heritage of the park have seen it given World Heritage status. From here you can walk the domes walk, Cathedral Gorge or longer walks into the range. There are toilets and shaded picnic... More

2. Domes Walk

The Domes Walk really begins at Picininny carpark but turns off here and does a loop around close to the beehive domes and through the spinifex. It is a one km circuit but allow an hour to make the most of it.
There are toilets and shaded picnic areas at Picaninny carpark

3. Cathedral Gorge

It is a three kilometre walk into Cathedral Gorge from Picaninny car-park. Allow up to two hours. The grade is moderate and there are some short steep sections with ladders to negotiate. On the walk in you really get to appreciate the striped sandstone beehive shaped domes, see creek beds, looming cliffs and evidence of the waterfalls that cascade... More

4. Lookout

From here you can lookout over the spinifex plains from the range. Its a short walk up Picaninny Creek and a well marked turn to the right.

5. Piccaninny Gorge Walk - Overnight Hike

The Gorge has no marked track and no defined end point so hikers must rely on their own navigational skills to complete the walk. The track can be divided into two sections - a seven kilometre walk in relatively open terrain along the Piccaninny Creek to the entry to Piccaninny Gorge(the Elbow) and the walk within the Gorge system itself, a total ... More

6. Bellburn airstip and helipad

One of the best ways to experience the scale and majesty of the Bungle Bungle Range is to take a flight over the Massif. What better way to do this than taking a light plane or helicopter flight over this amazing 360 million year old rock formation.

Many visitors also arrive by plane, taking the short flight from Kununura for a day trip or... More

7. Walardi Campsite

There are two public campgrounds in the park. Kurrajong in the north and this one, Walardi in the South. Both offer similar facilities with toilets, bore water and firewood and are equally suited to vehicle based camping with tents or camper trailers. There are also special areas for those with generators or for larger groups. While untreated bore... More

8. Belburn Campground - commercial campground booking required

Bellburn Campground is a commercial campground with higher level facilities than the public campgrounds. Here you can hire a "safari" style tent, many with their own en-suite including shower. There is also a meals area for guests staying at this campground only. Contact Kimberley Wilderness Adventures (ph +61 8 9192 7022) or East Kimberley Tours ... More

9. Purnululu National Park Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre for the park provides information about the park and activities available. There is also a shop where you can purchase cool drinks (non-alcoholic)and souvenirs.The visitor centre does not supply any food - you will need to bring all supplies with you. The closest place to purchase supplies is Warmun (Turkey Creek) which is more ... More

10. Walanginjdji Lookout

Located 2.5km from the visitor centre Walanginjdji lookout gives you panoramic 360 degree views of spinifex covered ridges flowing to the majestic cliffs of the western escarpment of the Bungle Bungle Massif and the 500 million year old limestone ridge. At sunset these blaze in brilliant reds and yellows against a backdrop of purple hues from the ... More

11. Kurrajong Campsite

There are two public campgrounds in the park. Walardi in the South and this one, Kurrajong in the north. Both offer similar facilities with toilets, bore water and firewood and are equally suited to vehicle based camping with tents or camper trailers. There are also special areas for those with generators or for larger groups. While untreated bore... More

12. Mini Palms Gorge

The car park to Mini Palms Gorge is 9km from the Visitor Centre to the north. The walk is a 5km return walk which will take about 3 hours. The walk is easy initially but becomes challenging as steep slopes and large blocks of fallen Rock have to be negotiated. You walk along pebbly dry creek beds which lead to high cliffs undulating over fallen... More

13. Echidna Chasm

Echidna Chasm is one of the real highlights of the park. Start your walk at the Echidna Chasm carpark which is 19km north of the visitor centre.
The walk is only 2km but allow around 1 hour to take it all in. It is a moderately difficult walk with a short challenging climb near the end. The Gorge is a spectacular long, narrow chasm, which yields... More

14. Osmand Lookout

You can walk to this lookout from the Echidna Chasm Carpark where. Its a fantastic view out to the nearby Osmand Range which is dry, wild and rugged. Good at any time of day but spectacular in early morning or late afternoon light.
Back at the Echidna Gorge carpark are shaded picnic areas and toilets.