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Torndirrup National Park

Rugged coastline sculpted by the Southern Ocean

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 20.505 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview:  At Torndirrup National Park, the Southern Ocean has sculpted a Natural Bridge in the coastal granites and formed The Gap, where the... more »

Tips:  Torndirrup National Park lies 10km south of Albany (15 minutes drive) around Princess Royal Harbour. There is well signposted road... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The Gap

At the Gap, the waves rush in and out with tremendous ferocity. It is really something to see but the Torndirrup coastline has a notorious record for accidents and deaths due to people slipping or being washed into the ocean by unexpected freak waves, gusting winds or extra large swells. Please exercise extreme caution and don't risk being the... More

2. Natural Bridge

The Southern Ocean has sculpted a spectacular Natural Bridge in the coastal granites. It is an easy 300m return, 15 minute stroll from The Gap car park to the Natural Bridge.

As with elsewhere in Torndirrup, please exercise extreme caution and stay well back from coastal cliffs. Stay on the paths provided.

3. Sharp Point car park

From the car park, at the end of Eclipse Road, you can set out on an easy 500m circuit to two lookouts to the south and west. Part of the way is suitable for people in assisted wheelchairs.

4. Cable Beach

The wild and windswept Cable Beach is accessible only by a staircase that descends from the car park on to rocky boulders which continue for at least twice as long as the stairs down on to the beach.

Even on calm days, unpredictable surges rising from the Southern Ocean, hundreds of kilometres away, may sweep over the beach. Because the edge of ... More

5. The Blowholes

The Blowholes, created by a crackline in the granite, 'blow' air and occasionally spray. Depending on the swell, size and direction of approach to the sea cliffs the Blowholes may or may not be blowing. When they do, the noise is quite impressive and this attraction should not be missed, especially on a day when the ocean swell is high. This walk ... More

6. Jimmy Newhills

From the car park there is an easy 100 metre, 6 minute return walk to a lookout over this 'secret' haven.

7. Stony Hill car park and Heritage Trail

This short 500m walk provides a scenic circuit with 360 degree views of Torndirrup National Park and the Albany area. The path is part of the Western Australian Heritage Trails network. Interpretive plaques along the trail describe some of the thoughts of the first settlers to this area. There are magnificent views of Albany, King George Sound,... More

8. Stony Hill Lookout

You can enjoy great views to the west from the wooden lookout on Stony Hill, the highest point in Torndirrup National Park.

9. Peak Head

The southernmost peak of the Torndirrup Peninsula can be reached via a rugged 4.3km return path, that is steep in sections. Allow approximately 2 hours return. Some rock scrambling is required to reach the summit. Be aware that rock climbers may be on the cliffs below.

10. Salmon Holes

Salmon Holes offers an easy 300m, 10 minute walk to the lookout or you can take the steep steps down to the beach. This is one of the most photographed beaches on the Torndirrup Peninsula.

Even on calm days, unpredictable surges rising from the Southern Ocean, hundreds of kilometres away, may sweep over the beach. Because the edge of the... More

11. Isthmus Hill

Hard core bushwalkers have the option of a hard 10km return, 6-8 hour bushwalk over Isthmus Hill and Limestone Head, finishing at Bald Head, the eastern extremity of the park.

12. Misery Beach

This small, secluded and very beautiful north-facing beach offers some shelter in most weather conditions.