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Male Pieniny: Litmanova – Vysoke skalky - Lesnica

Ski Cross Country the Romantic Ridge of Lesser Pieniny between Poland and Slovakia
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 12.738 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  The trail follows the ridge of Male Pieniny (Lesser Pieniny). The trailhead is in Litmanova village (district of Stara Lubovna,... more »

Tips:  Tips: Bring plenty of water and food supplies as there are no chances for replenishment on the trail.

Options. Alternately, instead... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Litmanova (638 m)

Make Litmanova village, ski center, your trailhead to begin the cross country ski tour. At first, conveniently use two ski lifts to get up the slope.

The next POI (Vysoke Skalky) is about 6.9 km. After leaving the ski lift #2, turn right and head to Vrchriecky (the border Poland – Slovakia). Upon coming out of the forest and approaching a... More

2. Vysoke Skalky (1050 m)

Make a refreshment stop and at the same time enjoy fantastic views from the top of Vysoke Skalky (or Wysoki Wierch in Polish). This is your highlight of the day. Return back on the trail where you postponed cross-country skiing.

The next POI (Slachovky) is about 4.2 km. Head towards Slachovky. On the trail, cross an old abandoned ski tow ... More

3. Slachovky

At a little wooden cottage (Slachovky), make a little break and admire the lovely surroundings.

The next POI (Ski Center Palenica) is about 4.3 km. Continue towards the ski center, mostly through open space. Enjoy beautiful panoramas until you get to a ski center and run into downhill skiers.

4. Ski Center Palenica

Ski the downhill of Palenica and about in 2/3 of the slope turn left towards the Slovak border. Cross the ski tows and take extreme care while doing so.

The next POI (Lesnica) is about 3.7 km. Follow the border downwards and after about 5 minutes arrive to Sedlo Bystrik (Bystrik Saddle) – milestone Bystrik II/91. Change the blue hiking sign for... More

5. Lesnica

Under the Lesnica village, there is a suitable parking lot with a stylish restaurant to finish your trip.