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Athens, from Past to Present

A cultural walking tour from the age old Acropolis, to Syntagma, the square named for Greece's hard-won Constitution
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.9 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Birthplace of democracy, cultural haven and home of the Mediterranean Diet, the monuments of Athens' fabled past are complemented by... more »

Tips:  Despite several shady places for respite en route, Athens can be baking hot from spring onwards, so bring hats, water and plenty of... more »

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Points of Interest

Beat the heat by rising early for the start of your tour of Athens' most iconic monument, The Acropolis.
Erected to the city's patron goddess, Athina, in the 6th century BC - and rebuilt several times over the centuries - this citadel on top of an 150 metre high rock is home to several of the city's most important monuments, including the... More

2. Lysicrates Choragic Monument

Built back in 334 BC, this charming circular temple owes its conservation to French Capuchin monks in an adjacent monastery (where Byron stayed before joining the struggle for Greek Independence) who bought it in the late 17th century.

Dedicated to Lysicrates. a member of the Choregoi (wealthy art patrons who sponsored yearly theatre competitions... More

By now you're probably feeling peckish, so take the easy downhill walk through the ancient Agora and along Adrianou street to Plaka.

In the shadow of The Acropolis, this lively pedestrian-only square fringed with terrace cafes is home to several must-not-miss museums, including the new Jewish Museum of Greece and the fascinating Museum of Popular... More

An ideal place to escape the heat and dust, Sotira Lykodimou Church (better known locally as the Russian Church, since the Russians bought and restored the building during the 19th century) is Athens' largest medieval building.

After admiring the exterior of this beautifully conserved Byzantine masterpiece built in the early 11th century, step... More

If you're feeling jaded by concrete and stone, take a stroll through Athens' shady 38-acre park.

Look for the bust of the first Governor of Independent Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, try to find the spot where King Alexander received the monkey bite that killed him after it turned septic and don't forget to visit the zoo, and the botanical museum... More

Emerge from the National Gardens on Fillelinon street once more and you'll find yourself on Syntagma, the busy square that was named for the constitution that King Otto granted the Greek people after the popular uprising here in 1843.

A day's strolling has taken you from the Acropolis, seat of ancient Athens, to this hotel-and-cafe-lined square, ... More