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Pub Crawl

Enjoy Dutch and Belgian beers in some of Amsterdam's best pubs
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7.3 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  Like most large European cities Amsterdam has a strong beer culture, with wonderful brew pubs and "brown cafes" to match. This guide... more »

Tips:  Bicycling: I have chosen to start this tour at the MacBike bicycle rental shop at Central Station, but there are several reputable... more »

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Points of Interest

Amsterdam's Central Station is a good, central place to start our tour. The GPS coordinates provided are at the entrance to the MacBike bicycle rental shop at the eastern end of Central Station. MacBike is open daily from 9am-5:45pm. Depending upon the time you're starting and how long you will take, you may want to arrange an overnight rental.

... More

Although Amsterdam has a long and strong beer history, there are only a few working breweries left in the city. In my opinion the best (both in terms of beer and ambiance) is Brouwerij 't Ij (pronounced "eye").

The name means Brewery on the Ij River, which is the river that runs north of Amsterdam out to the North Sea. Brouwerij 't Ij was... More

De Prael (The Pearl) is right in the heart of the oldest part of Amsterdam and near the Red Light District. Opened in 2002, it is also a brew pub with good, unfiltered organic beers. The brewery produces eight beers, with five to six available at any one time.

There is a full kitchen, so you can order entrees, sides or snacks from a changing menu... More

De Wildeman (The Wild Man) is the best beer bar in Amsterdam and some think one of the best in Europe. Founded in 1986, de Wildeman boasts 17 beers and one cider on draft and 200 bottled beers. The selection is mainly Dutch and Belgian, but it also serves many British and German beers.

The building is a former distillery and the decor shows its ... More

The quality and quantity of Dutch micro breweries are at an all-time high and 't Arendsnest (The Eagle's Nest) is THE temple to Dutch micro breweries. Its beer list is exclusively Dutch and has 30 beers on draft with a total beer list of some 130 beers.

The atmosphere is terrific with a beautiful bar topped with a brass flying eagle. The staff... More

6. Cafe 't Smalle

Cafe 't Smalle is in this guide not because of its beer list (which is small, but nice) but because of its charm and canal-side patio.

This is where Pieter Hoppe began his gin distillery in 1786. Hoppe is a famous brand of Dutch gin, which is known as jenever (pronouced YEA-ne-fer). The building has been a cafe only since 1978, but this place... More

Cafe de Spuyt is near the tourist-heavy Leidseplein neighborhood, but far enough away that you can sit in this small, one-room pub and enjoy a conversation while perusing the 100+ list of beers on the wall.

De Spuyt's signature beer is a golden ale from northern France and comes in a 75cl cork-topped bottle (be sure to share this one with... More