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Mont Dolent, Refuge Fiorio and Grands Grépillons

Fantastic day walk in the "Massif du Mont Blanc" with great scenic views.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 4.2 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  Reason to go there:
The Mont Dolent makes the frontier between France, Italy and Switzerland, it's a symbol of the massif du Mont... more »

Tips:  Start early (8am).
No water points so have 2-3 L beverages / people. And some local pasture cheese and chocolate to eat at the top!
... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Grand col Ferret and col du Bandaray, passes of Ferret and Bandaray

Starting point of this trip, the Grand Col Ferret.
To reach the Grand Col Ferret, park your car in Les Ars, a small mountain pasture 2km from Ferret. 2 hours walking to reach the Gd Col Ferret from the parking. see my hike: Grand Col Ferret for GPS datas.

2. Bouquetins, ibex, Steinböcke

GPS data recording stopped at the Refuge Fiorio. A small mountain hut without water point. The interest of the Refuge Fiorio is that you may see ibexes there. Wonderful.

3. Pointe (peak) Allobrogia, Grepillons ridge and Mont Dolent

Allobrogia peak offers a vertiginous ski downhill during the winter, only for expert skiers.
Grepilons ridge is a funny walk, it's on the frontier between Italy and Switzerland, and it is so thin that you always walk with one foot in Italy and the other in Switzerland...
The Mont Dolent has a wonderful north face with a huge glacier.

4. Grepillons ridge on the Mont Dolent.

The Grepillons ridge. Beautiful but dangerous. On the left Switzerland, on the right Italy.

5. Grépillons ridge

The Grepillon ridge. At the end of the ridge you'd reach the summit of the Dolent. Very nice but dangerous mountaineering. Excellent technical skills required as well as specific material.

6. Dolent glacier

The small village of La Fouly, down in the valley of Ferret is a very cute small ski resort.

7. Grandes Jorasses, Rochefort ridge, Dent du Géant, Mont Blanc

The Grepillons ridge offers breathtaking views on the "Massif du Mont Blanc". Unfortunately it is an off-road itinerary with inherent risks (Stone falls, get lost, lethal fall).

8. Triolet with the Pré de Bar glacier.

The panorama is wider as you move forward on the ridge. Triolet 3870 m with its wonderful SE face, vertical and covered with snow all year long.

9. Mont Triolet

The Mont triolet is a wonderful summit at the end of the Italian Val Ferret.

10. Tour Noir 3837 m (black tower) and Grand Lui

View on a very famous day-trip: la Grand Lui. During the winter, dozens of people every day practice "peau de phoque" and ski on this huge wild downhill.
The Tour Noir (or black tower) has the fame to be rich in crystal. Crystal seek is a very dangerous activity as crystals are usually abundant in unstable rocks. dozens already died on... More

11. Grand Combin 4314 m , a piece of himalaya in the Swiss Alps

The Grand Combin is one of the giant peaks of the Alps. The view from the Grepillon ridge is impressive.