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Bicycle trip, Grand Saint Bernard

Grand Saint Bernard is a among the most famous mountain passes of Switzerland and Italy.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.4 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Reason to go there:
The Grand Saint Bernard (2472m) offers good italian restaurant with typical mountain food, a monastery founded in ... more »

Tips:  The official opening of the road is middle of june usually, but from middle of may, depending on weather conditions, it is possible to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Starting point: the Super Saint Bernard.

Starting in the Super Saint Bernard is a way to avoid the big international road going to Italy that has the disadvantage to be opened to big trucks. But the road divide in two parts just before the Super Saint Bernard so that traffic on the road of the pass is not that big.

2. The river

The first part of the road is quite steep. After 30 minutes, you'll arrived near a very cute river with 4 celsius water perfect to refresh during the hot summer days.

3. The road covered with snow

Up to middle of June, the road is officially closed. The best period to go there is during the two last weeks of June. You'll enjoy walking between impressive huge walls of snow. DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA!
Be careful, snow-wall may break down.

4. L'hospice du Grand Saint Bernard

L'hospice is a monastery. There's religious ceremony almost every single day in a cute church. Visit the crypt where all the canons of the Grand Saint Bernard are buried for hundreds of years now.

For complete informations and reservations see the website: www.gsbernard.ch/20/200.html.
Prices varied from 30 CHF to 75 CHF depending if you choose... More

5. The lake covered with snow and the italian part of the pass

Two times a day the famous Saint Bernard dogs get out so that you could meet those dogs during the short 45 minutes walk around the lake that i strongly recommend.

The lake is covered with snow up to the end of June usually.

On the picture, you see the italian part of the pass. On the left of the picture, there's a small italian restaurant with ... More