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Hiking to Toûno Mountain

From Saint-Luc it looks undoable, but you can conquer this magnificent mountain and enjoy the spectacular sights.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 13.6 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  In this guide we take you to the summit of "Le Toûno", with a height of 3017m a high mountain witch you will conquer.

The starting... more »

Tips:  Hiking classification: T2 - Mountain hikes
Vertical ascent: 1273m
Vertical descent: 1290m

Long hike and bigger height difference, do ... more »

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Points of Interest

The Tignousa station is in winter a ski station, in summer it's a nice place to stop for a drink or to have dinner. On the terrace you'll get an extra view over Saint-Luc and the valley of Val d'Anniviers.
The Tignousa Station is also the end of the Funiculaire ski lift witch is opened in summer. If you're planning to start from Saint-Luc instead ... More

2. Observatoire François-Xavier Bagnoud - OFXB, Saint-Luc (VS)

This is an astronomical observatory where you can serve the sun at certain days or go to an astronomical evening. Details and dates you'll find on the website of the observatory and at the tourist information center in Saint-Luc and Chandolin.

From Tignousa you can take an informative path along the planets of our solar system. The former planet ... More

3. Junction - Attention

After this small building you must turn left, no roadsigns or markings here! A bit further you'll find the markings again.

4. Le Toûno - 3017m

Welcome on the summit of the Toûno mountain.
A bench awaits you on the summit so it's a perfect place to dine and enjoy the magnificent view.

5. Junction - Attention

When returning from the Toûno mountain we turn right here so that we keep the water to our left (Torrent des Moulins). This path takes you to yet another really nice place.