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Bella Tolla, Rothorn to the Meidpass and back

Enjoy the view on 3000m height and walk through pure untouched nature above Val d'Anniviers
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 13.608 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  This hike takes you far away from civilization, pure nature at it's best. After climbing two summits, Rothorn and Bella Tolla, we... more »

Tips:  For this hike you'll have to be a bit more experienced.
There are two difficult parts in this hike. First is climbing down along a... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking spot and start of the hike

When entering the village you turn right just before the tourist office so that you can park on the top of the parking building. This is not a free parking, free parking is available at the ski lift.
This is also the starting point of this guide.

2. Cabane de la Bella Tolla

Already tired? this is a good place to rest! In this cabane you can find drinks and food.

3. Rothorn (Phare de Griolet)

The Rothorn, or also called Phare de Griolet is a summit of 2998m above sealevel. You can see this mountain already from the start of the hike but it takes some time till you can reach it.

4. Bella Tolla

The Bella Tolla with Bella Tolla Glacier is a mountain of 3024m in height, it gives you a tremendous sight on the imperial crown of 4000m mountains and the Val d'Anniviers

5. Meidpass

Finaly you reached at this point the Meidpass, climbing out of the vast rock desert back to the valley.

6. Tourist office

More information of hiking at Chandolin or Val d'Anniviers at the Tourist Office.

7. Junction to Rothorn and Bella Tolla

After reaching the refuge you can go two ways: you can do only the Bella Tolla summit or you can do the Rothorn too. Our recommendation: do both, you'll won't regret it!

8. Junction to the Meidpass

At this point to signs do not show the Meidpass. At this crossing point you can visually go left or right but the path goes straight ahead. Pleas use your map and GPS to keep you on the good path. Also, the piles of rocks will guide you too!

When returning from the Meidpass this is sure a good place to stop. Besides a great menu's you can enjoy outside on the balcony with some refreshments.