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Foodie Picnic Tour

Create a picnic from some of Florence's best food shops
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  There is nothing like discovering the local cuisine to really get to the heart of a city.

Genuine Florentine food is simple, rustic ... more »

Tips:  This walk is best Monday through Saturday mornings or around lunchtime. Note that certain foods mentioned are seasonal and therefore... more »

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Points of Interest

Piazza della Repubblica is one of Florence's most central squares and was once the heart of the city's medieval food market.

Known as the Mercato Vecchio, this "old market" and its labyrinth of medieval streets and market stalls were torn down in the late 19th century to create the wide, square piazza you see today. Before that, it was the place ... More

Cantinetta dei Verazzano is the bakery, wine bar and cafe of the famous winemaking Verazzano family.

This first main foodie stop is a good place to begin the trail with an excellent espresso or cappuccino--standing up at the counter, of course, like a local.

The bakery will entice you with its delicious, traditional pastries, breads, focaccia... More

On the corner of Via Dante Alighieri and Via dei Cerchi you will notice a busy food van selling one of Florence's most popular snacks--a lampredotto sandwich. Lampredotto is the fourth stomach of a cow, not often used in other cuisines. The boiled cow's stomach is served hot, with the bread roll dipped in its juices, topped with some salsa verde. ... More

This family-run chocolate shop sells exquisite handmade chocolates made in the family's Tuscan laboratory in Arezzo.

Find fine chocolates filled with nuts or spiced with chili, chocolate-dipped dried fruit or even a wonderful hot chocolate mix to take home.

In the summer this is a perfect stop for a creamy gelato in delectable flavors like... More

Undoubtedly Florence's best local food market, the Sant'Ambrogio market consists of an indoor structure where meat, fish, pasta and bakeries can be found. Outside there are the fruit and vegetable stalls as well as plants, clothes and household items.

Along with the fruit and vegetables, where you will find mostly local and seasonal produce,... More

6. Piazza d'Azeglio

This leafy, tree-filled piazza is the neighborhood's playground. Kids can play on the swings or carousel, or kick around a soccer ball. People walk their dogs here or let them play. Park benches make a nice place to stop and sample the wonderful food you have come across on the trail.

This piazza was also the home of one of Italy's most... More