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Rome Neighborhood Walk: Historic Ponte, Parione, and Regola

Meander the hidden backstreets of these Rome enclaves and prepare to be delighted.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  They boast no Pantheon, no St. Peter’s, but thanks to several centuries' accretion of buildings both noble and humble, their mazelike ... more »

Tips:  The months between April and July are high season in the city, for good reason—the warm sun and golden light make wandering, boating, ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Arsenale

Arsenale caters to those seeking something different in fashion. Here, designer and owner Patrizia Pieroni showcases her creations, from pink, pale gray, and lilac shantung dresses to bulky knit jackets that have won her attention in Vogue magazine. Customers also come to ultra-white Arsenale in central Rome for the seductive bustiers, shoes, and ... More

2. Bolero

Gabriella Bolero’s flagship opened in November selling the designer’s signature women’s clothes.

5/6 Via del Governo Vecchio


Built in 1504 and attached to the church of Santa Maria della Pace in Rome’s Centro Storico, Chiostro del Bramante was one of architect Donato Bramante’s first projects in the Eternal City. This former 16th-century cloister is now an art venue and cultural center featuring an array of modern and ancient pieces ranging from iconic works by Andy... More

Located near Piazza Navona and the historic statue of Pasquino Viviana, Cul de Sac serves both traditional Roman favorites and Greek and Arabic fare. Inside, stacks of wine bottles hide the restaurant’s walls, and outdoor seating provides a view of the piazza. Enjoy Cul de Sac’s famous sundried tomatoes in Calabrian olive oil or sample the more... More

Located at 7 Via Gonfalone and housed in a 16th-century building, Gonfalone restaurant offers guests the chance to relax and dine inside before a tall, copper-hooded fireplace or beneath lanterns filled with flickering candles. The scialatielli (fat Neapolitan spaghetti) with clams, fresh zucchini and tomato is a standout, but more familiar... More

A favorite of Italian politicians, the ivy-covered Hotel Raphael is located just outside the Piazza Navona, within walking distance of the Pantheon and Spanish Steps. Inside, the lobby is decorated with a museum-quality art collection that includes Picasso ceramics and paintings by Miró and de Chirico. Most of the 50 guestrooms have hardwood... More

7. Ilaria Miani

Started in 1982, this interior design shop takes its namesake from owner Ilaria Miani, an Italian interior designer who is known for her proficiency in Italian rustic architecture and blending ancient and modern designs. Her shop is filled with one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that range from customizeable sofas to iron tables to wooden desks.... More

8. Josephine de Huertas & Co

A peek in the window reveals light pink walls, soft lighting, and minimal decor because at Josephine de Huertas & Co., it’s all about the clothes, accessories, and shoes, of course. This is where Romans get their fix of designers like Chloé, Missoni, Alberta Ferretti, and Anya Hindmarch. The shop is owned by fashion designers Josephine de... More

Established in 1938, Pierluigi continues to serve authentic Italian food Campo dei Fiori neighborhood of Rome with a commitment to seasonality, tradition and creativity. Enjoy handmade gelato on the sun-drenched, cobblestoned piazza, or entrées like tenderized cutlets with cream, cognac, and red peppers and sardine spaghetti with pine nuts, fennel... More