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Highlights of Montjuïc

Fresh air, Olympic triumph and a millennium of art spread across a hilly cultural hub, plus just a dash of sundown magic
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.5 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Barcelona is a fairly leafy city, but every major metropolis needs a place to listen to birdsong, breathe clean air and drink in the... more »

Tips:  There are a number of ways of getting to Montjuïc, and the best way of getting there really depends on what you want to see. There's... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The Olympic Ring and the Torre de Calatrava

Montjuïc has twice been the focus of international attention - in 1929 when it hosted a great International Exhibition or World's Fair, and again in 1992 when it was the main site for the track and field events of Barcelona's Olympics. It's intriguing to come up here and see how across this mountain site architects have seamlessly woven together ... More

You're never far from Miró in Barcelona, whether you are trundling your luggage in a trolley outside the characteristic mural that enlivens the external wall of Terminal 2 at the city's airport, walking along the Ramblas trampling his swirling sidewalk mosaic, or strolling past one of the numerous branches of La Caixa savings bank - Miró designed ... More

3. Jardins de Laribal

In 1999 Montjuïc acquired dedicated Botanical Gardens, which showcase plants from the seven regions of the world with a Mediterranean climate. There's an entrance charge (though admission is free with a Barcelona card), but if you simply want to take lovely walks amid sylvan spots and glades, and admire the art of the landscape architect, then... More


as you wander through the Jardins Laribal you'll see signs to La Font del Gat. The original Font is a tiny feline headed fountain, immortalised in an enduring song. It has given its name to a restaurant, built in 1918 in the Modernist style by the Catalan Renaissance Man Josep Puig i Cadafalch - a nationalist politician and literary figure, as... More

If you return through Jardins de Laribal, you can either walk or take bus 193 from outside Fundació Joan Miró to the MNAC. The collection is housed in the distinctive Palau Nacional, built between 1926 and 1929 as the signature building of the great exhibition, and designed in the neo-classical style of the Spanish Renaissance with a great... More

If you descend from the MNAC by the stairs and mechanical escalators, and turn left when you reach the enormous fountain you will encounter another echo of the 1929 World's Fair. Between 1983 and 1986 a team of architectural enthusiasts recreated the German Pavilion from the Exhibition on the original site, a building designed by Mies van der... More

7. Font Màgica

Try to visit Montjuïc on a Friday or Saturday (or, additionally on a Thursday in Spring and Autumn). That way you can end your day out by taking in a free performance at the Magic Fountain. Once again it's a legacy of the 1929 beanfeast, and another way that Barcelona puts a smile on the face of its visitors. It's located at the end of the... More