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Tour at the Lake Chiemsee

A boat trip to the famous island Herrenchiemsee and the smaller Frauenchiemsee
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 12.179 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  This guide is a tour through the Chiemsee. The trip includes a visit at the Herrenchiemsee and its famous palace built in the 18th... more »

Tips:  The Herrenchiemsee is a must see attraction. Here you experience the culture of the Bavarian royals in during the 18th century.

The... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The ferry Station Stock - Prien

The ferrys leave quite regularly.
During the winter (27. September to 13. May) they leave every hour.
During Summer time there are even more ships.

The prices are a bit expensive. Calculate about 8€ (10$)per adult.

2. Boatride

The boat ride is only a few minutes. But make sure you sit at the front of the ship and not the back. (At the back you smell the exhaust gases when the ship is backing up.)

On the trip from Stock (Prien) to the Herrenchiemsee, you can see the channel and the castle on the right. Its worth a picture.

On the boat you can by snacks and ice cream ... More

3. Statues and Garden

The statues and fountains are very magnificent. The castle has just been redecorated.

In the garden you can find many flowers, parkways with tree-lines and hedges.

Unfortunately during the winter-season the fountains are closed up und the flowers don't bloom.

4. The palace

The palace was built in the year 1878 by Ludwig II. The design was meant to be that of the French palace Versailles.
You can rent a tour through the palace and many European languages including English.

the Frauenchiemsee is much more commercialized than the Herrenchiemsee. Here you have a huge variety of shops, restaurants and Hotels.

Translation and explanation of the sign (picture)
Left side:
"Zur Linde"
royal Bavarian Tavern
"Kloster Frauenworth"
The Monastery
Shop of the Monastery
"Kirche, Torhalle, Pfarrhaus"
Church,... More

6. Parking Lot

The Parking is not expensive. About 3€ (4$)

If you want to park the whole day you pay about 6€ (8$)

7. Information and pier for the ship

Here you find information about the island. Also there is a gift shop.

8. Restroom

There are restrooms in the basement. (Free of charge)

9. Channel

The channel up to the castle has a nice view.
The are some benches where you can rest.

10. Chruch and Hotel

There is a small church that can go into at this point. Also there is a hotel on the Herrenchiemsee.

11. Horsefarm

There are many horses on the island. The horses are very tame and you can feed and pet them when you pass them.
There are no horse-rides available.

12. Swimming pool

There is a local Swimming pool with water-slides.

13. Boat rental

At this POI you can rent boats.
You can only rent boats during summertime. There are a lot of different electric boats available.
The prices vary from 11 (15$) € per hour to 22€ (30$) per hour.

14. Restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants the coastline. The prices vary from cheap to very expensive.

There are hotels where you can stay the night. The hotels near the water are quite expensive. Also you should have made reservations. There are more hotels in the inner city.

16. Trains

There are old trains that go to the train station in the inner city.
For train fans a must see.