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Foodie Tour: East

A guide to eating, drinking and being merry on the east side of central Paris
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  This tour shows a casual side to Paris’ food and wine scene. It starts at Rue Mouffetard, a street full of artisan food shops where... more »

Tips:  This tour is designed for an afternoon walk starting a little before lunch and ending in early evening. It is best for... more »

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Points of Interest

Start out by taking a stroll down this charming old pedestrian street in the Fifth Arrondissement. There you will discover store after store of artisan butchers, bakers, cheesemakers and wine vendors. "Amélie" fans will recognize this as the spot where Monsieur Dominique Bretodeau purchased his beloved rotisserie chicken. Official hours here vary,... More

2. Pascal Gosnet Butchershop (Boucherie Pascal Gosnet)

At Gosnet's you can find all the traditional French cuts of meat. They show off delicious rotisserie chickens cooking on a spit right out on the street. Aromatic potatoes roast at the bottom of the display in the fat that drips from the chickens, filling them with moisture and flavor.
Address: 119 rue Mouffetard
Phone: 01 45 35 14 72

3. Veron Cheese Shop (Fromagerie Véron)

The service at Patrick Veron's cheese shop is warm and staff are patient with those who are not familiar with the wide variety of French cheeses they offer. The little cart to the left usually contains leftover cheese cuts at decent prices, a good opportunity to sample. They shrink wrap cheeses you want to carry home in your luggage.
Address:... More

Les Papilles means "tastebuds" in French. The name is fitting because the food served here is a taste sensation. Housed in a small storefront, this restaurant also functions as a gourmet grocery and wine cellar. It can be uncomfortably crowded in the evenings, so it is best to go here for lunch.

The chef generally offers a soup, slow-cooked meat... More

Dalloyau is a famous French pastry shop company dating back to the 17th century, when Charles Dalloyau baked for Louis XIV. It is credited with the creation of the popular chocolate and coffee flavored pastry, "opéra," found in nearly every French patisserie today.

Inside you can buy delicately prepared sweets to bring home, though the prices are... More

After you have pried yourself from the delectable Dalloyau shop windows, you can take a break for a cold beer at La Gueuze. With its laid-back pub atmosphere, it's a destination for beer lovers, offering one of the more impressive beer lists in Paris. Numerous European countries are represented.
Address: 19 Rue Soufflot
Phone: 01 43 54 63 00
-... More

7. Marché Maubert

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 7am and 2:30pm, you will find a lively street market in the center of Place Maubert. This market is the oldest in Paris, originating in the 16th century. Hundreds of years later, vendors still offer fresh produce and cheese along side flowers, scarves and French trinkets.

Gelato may be an Italian specialty, but Amorino is a French chain that just does it right. Its gelato is the sort that tastes just like the labeled flavors, be it chocolate, hazelnut or mango, only amplified. Instead of scoops, staff layer gelato in the shape of petals, sculpting your cone into a flower. This system makes it easy to sample without... More

This cooking school in the heart of Paris offers tourists half- and one-day lessons in English on how to cook French specialities. Offerings include a morning dedicated to making croissants and French breakfast items (breakfast is "petit dejeuner" in French) or an afternoon devoted to macarons. Prices and the duration of the class depends on what ... More

La Tour d'Argent is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris. The restaurant itself claims it was founded in 1582, though this is controversial as there is no written documentation of the restaurant until the 1860s. All the same, the prestigious French restaurant has remained a legend in Paris. It is said that Louis XIV used to dine here with the... More

This popular wine bar is full of character and not at all pretentious. The atmosphere is warm and casual, prices are reasonable (2.50-4 Euros a glass). It offers a wide variety of French wines, many of which are not available at your typical Parisian bar. It is a great chance to taste something new. Cheese and charcuteries plates are bountiful and... More