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Bastia and Cardo

Bastia: Impressive long front austere old houses, old marina and the citadel. cardo: small village with view over Bastia
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.1 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Bastia is the perfect place to start your visit of Corsica.

The districts of Terra Vecchia and Terra Nova are intriguing. The long... more »

Tips:  How long to stay in Bastia: 2 days are enough for superficial visit of the old centre and a walk to Cardo.

Where to stay:... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Tourism info centre

Located in a building on the Saint Nicolas place, the tourism info centre has maps and hike suggestions and may help you to find a hotel.

2. Saint Nicolas place

This big place with palm trees is crowded after 17pm. Bd Charles de Gaulle 15, there is a nice old shop selling typical beverages.
Leave the place via the Rue Napoleon if you want to walk in the direction of the old marina, in this street there are several interesting historical monuments.

3. Oratoire de la Confrérie Saint Roch

Built in 1604 this building belongs to the Saint Roch brotherhood which was in charge of organizing funerals in Bastia and treating sick peoples.

4. Lady Chapel

Built in 1589 this nice church was the meeting point of the British parliament during the 18th century so that the "God save the king" was sung plenty of time there... Opened for visit from 8 to 19h everyday.

5. The market place and Saint Jean Baptiste church

Saint Jean Baptiste church was built in 1666. It is the biggest church in Corsica. At least a short visit is recommended... Close from 12 to 15h and sunday afternoon.
Note the scene depicted over the statue of Saint Jean Baptiste. This is the circumcision of Jesus Christ as a child, this event of the life of the Christ is very rarely depicted.

6. The marina

The old marina of Bastia was built during the 14th century...
All along the marina, there are a lot of restaurants. The marina is very crowded during the high season but this huhhub fits well with the way of life in Bastia; very different from the quiet Mountains or wild seashores of Corsica...

7. Impressive front of houses in the old city

Walking in Bastia's old city is like visiting a modern painting museum. The fronts of the houses and their colours have a surprising and intriguing aspect that is charming and make you feel so far from your all day life.
Most of the houses there were built more than 200 hundreds years ago...
Without contest, Bastia is the best place to start your ... More

8. Street of the old aristocratic houses

The General Carbuccia street is a tiny street made of 200 hundreds year old houses that belongs to the noblemen of Bastia.
Wonderful fronts of houses.

9. Romieu garden

From the old marina of Terra Vecchia, the best way to go to the citadel is by crossing the Romieu garden, there is a tunnel to cross the battlements and enter the citadel. This small park was built in 1870 and has been recently renovated.

10. The citadel, Governors palace

The tower built on 1380 was called Bastia, and gave its name to the city. Later, a small castle was built around the tower. The actual building is from the 18th century but was renovated after being destroyed by german bombing during the second world-war. In a corner of the "place du Donjon" there is a flagstone wich had a surprising function:... More

11. Sainte Marie church

This cathedral was built in 1619. 7 bishops are buried there. On the right side of the church there is a statue of the Lady made of 650kg of pure silver. The goldsmith had to oversize the original project as donations from the population of Bastia were increasing...

12. Palais de Justice

The courthouse has a nice front. The building built in 1852 is on the way to the village of Cardo.

13. The stairway

This stairway that starts near the courthouse offers great scenic view on Bastia. At the end of the steps, just come back... The way to Cardo is to do by car, unless you really want to walk on the road (note that there are only a few cars on this road.)

14. The village of Cardo

A typical village of Corsica located 5 minutes by car from the city centre. Just have a walk in the very small streets.
There's a small bridge made of stones just before entering the village. This bridge was built at the end of the 18th century by a few soldiers who were supervised by a young officer. This gentleman officer fell in love with a... More

15. The church and the fountain

Near the fountain there's a small map with some suggestions of nice very short hikes to do in Carvo.
Great scenic view on Bastia.
The water of the fountain is delightful and has the fame to be highly pure.