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Rondinara, Santa Giulia, Tamaricciu: pearls of Corsica

The South-East beaches of Corsica. Relaxation in the sun.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 17.398 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  The seashore between Bonifacio and Porto-vecchio is rich in wonderful beaches.

This guide include a selection of three readily... more »

Tips:  All the beaches in this guide are readily accessible by car.

Avoid July and August. Or be prepared, you won't feel that alone and... more »

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Points of Interest

The breathtaking medieval citadel is the best starting point to enjoy the beaches of the South-East seashore of Corsica. For complete informations see the guides on Bonifacio (Other Links and Resources in this guide).

2. Junction

Pay attention to not miss the small junction that leads to Rondinara. There is no indication, or maybe only for the village "Suartone".

3. Parking

There is a parking of clay at the end of the road. You will have to pay so have some Euros with you.
During the high season the Parking may be full. To avoid traffic jam or waiting too long to park you could arrived earlier and leave later, but you'll have a very long day on the beach and under the sun...

Rondinara is world famous for its perfectly round shape as seen from the top of the hill when arriving by car on the road.

There's only one restaurant in Rondinara. Perfect if you want to stay all the day here and do not have a picnic. Nothing else on the beach.

5. Small beach

A 5 minutes walk leads to a small beach that is a little bit less crowded than Rondinara.
During the high season however, there are plenty of private boats here as in Rondinara.

6. Market

Just before the parking, on your left, there's a small market selling all kind of beach stuff and food. Perfect for a picnic although you may prefer a restaurant on Santa Giulia beach.

7. Parking

A big parking located by the beach. As for all south-East beaches, arrived early and leave the beach late if you want to avoid traffic jam during the high season... Or travel out of July and August.

This wonderful bay with crystal clear shallow water without wavws is perfect for family with small children.
There are restaurants all along the beach and a small market near the parking (see POI).

9. Tamaricciu

The pine tree at the end of Tamaricciu beach is Corsica's most famous postal card. As for all the beaches of the South-East seashore, Tamaricciu has shallow crystal clear hot water without waves, a paradise for family with small children. There are plenty of restaurants on the beach.
You'll have to walk 5 minutes between the parking (along the... More