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A guide to what to see and do in the Manchester city region, UK.

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Overview:  A guide to the must-see places to visit in the Manchester city region.

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Points of Interest

The perfect place to begin a visit to the region. Discover events and attractions with our interactive Microsoft Surface tables, using just natural hand gestures to explore a map. Meanwhile, our experienced staff can help you make the most of you visit.

One of the country's finest art collections in spectacular Victorian and contemporary surroundings. Highlights include outstanding pre-Raphaelite paintings, craft and design and early 20thC British art.

This magnificent building was designed in Victorian Gothic style by Alfred Waterhouse and opened in 1877. Amongst its many treasures are the Ford Maddox Brown murals which are monument to the ideas of Victorian Manchester, portraying science, invention, education, trade and textile industry.

This masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture looks more like a castle or cathedral.

Based on the site of the oldest passenger railway station in the world, MOSI truly is a museum for everyone. Kids, big and small will be fascinated by the hands-on exhibitions, while the huge collection of vintage vehicles and historic working machinery is enthralling. Witnessing halls full of vast, steam-powered machines in action is an... More

Nicknamed 'The Theatre of Dreams', Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium is a must-see stopping-point for any football fan.

Situated just 5 miles outside Manchester city centre visitors have the choice of 230 stores along 3 miles of granite and marble boulevards.

8. Worsley Village

The principal buildings of interest are the Bridgewater Estate Offices, the Alphabet bridge, the humpback bridge, the Nailmakers House, Rock House, Packet House, Court House and former Police Station (The Old Nick). Take a stroll through Worsley woods and you can see The Aviary, a mock tudor house.

Trencherfield Mill Steam Engine is one of the largest and finest working examples of its type. Built 100 years ago, this mammoth metal powerhouse was regarded as a feat of industrial engineering.

The beautifully restored East Lancashire Railway takes you on a captivating journey to discover the region’s rich transport heritage, taking in viaducts, historic towns and picturesque villages and passing through tunnels en route.

Enjoy the fascinating story of Bolton, its places and people, alongside brilliant displays of Art, Egyptology, Archaeology, Botany and Zoology.

More than just a walk in the park, Heaton Park is a historic area on the edge of Manchester with all the attractions offering a full day out for all ages. Visit the play areas, cafes, Animal Centre, Tram Museum, bowling greens, golf course, boating lake, and try your hand at horse riding.

Visitors can enjoy many outdoor attractions and an excellent Visitor Centre. Spanning 118 acres with the dramatic backdrop of Blackstone Edge, the lake is one of the most popular days out in the area.

Saddleworth Museum and Art Gallery is a small community museum located in the heart of Saddleworth. Situated in one of the out buildings of a nineteenth century Victorian Mill (the only part of the mill to survive), it stands in an historic and beautiful location beside the Huddersfield Narrow Canal in the village of Uppermill.

Step back in time and experience the sights and sounds of Britain's Home Front.