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Reptiles and Rebellion - Maidstone Barracks

Medway Valley Rail Trails

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  A 4 mile / 6.5km circular route from the middle of Maidstone
through the town centre, Vinters Valley Nature Reserve and

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Distance: 4 miles / 6.5km.
Time: 2 hours approximately.
Terrain: Some steps, narrow paths and town walking. No stiles and two... more »

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Points of Interest

Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery was established in 1858 and is situated within the 16th Century Chillington Manor House. Entry is free and the museum holds many exhibitions on archaeology, geology and biology and also has a section on the local flora and fauna of Kent.

2. Vinters Park

Roman romains have been found at Vinters Park in the past, but the first recorded history on the site was when ROger de Vinter brought the land in 1343 and built the first house. He also created the park and gave his name to the property, the remains of which can still be seen in the east sections of the park.

3. Wildlife

At the lake you may be lucky enough to see a grass snake swimming as it hunts for small amphibians and fish. While in the park keep your eyes peeled for slow worms (legless lizards) and viviparous lizards too. Recently Vinters Park has become a receptor site for reptile relocations and several releases of slow worms have taken place here.

Penenden Heath used to be a meeting place in the Middle Ages. The Domesday Book listed it as Pinnedenna and it was noted as a place where landowners ok Kent could gather for administrative purposes.
For hundreds of years as well as a gathering place, the site was also used for executions. This was a direct revolt against wage freezes and poll tax... More

5. Maidstone Prison

Maidstone Prison was contructed using Kentish ragstone and was originally built for just over 500 prisoners, the first of which arrived in 1819.