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Donegal Town Food Guide

The best restaurants, butchers, bakers and local food champions are all celebrated in this handy guide.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.6 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
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Overview:  Donegal Town been described as a 'Kinsale' of the north for dining by no less a figure than Paulo Tulli and we are delighted to share ... more »

Tips:  All listed on this guide are within two minutes walking distance of the Diamond, although we'd recommend you also sample our other... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Tourist Office

Assuming that you'll be visiting the Tourist Office in Donegal, we start this Food Guide in earnest from outside the office.

Have a look at the map and see with ease what each of the eateries in town has to offer. The tourist office also provides a free map of the town - make sure you have this to hand. Besides restaurants and cafes, we've... More

2. Donegal Food Festival Venue

The 6th "Taste of Donegal" food festival takes place from the 22rd to the 24th of August in the Quays area.

The purpose of the festival is to salute local produce and showcase just how good both the food and the hospitality of the area is. There are food demonstrations by some noted chefs, fine wine tasting, beer tasting and of course... More

Food type: The menu offers a range of freshly cooked local produce, from seafood, steaks, coeliac and vegetarian dishes. Good Mexican dishes, while their renowned home-baked pizzas always please.

Price range: e7-25+
Speciality: Irish steaks & seafood.

The Harbour Restaurant is popular among local residents and visitors. The restaurant is... More

4. Dom's Pier One

Food type: Traditional & international favourites.

Price range: e6-25+
Speciality: Traditional roast lunches with all the trimmings.

Dom's Pier One sits on the edge of the quay overlooking Donegal bay. The food is traditional Irish in style & presentation using locally sourced products where possible. A popular place for larger... More

5. Central Hotel: Just William's & White's on the Diamond

Food type: 1) 'Just Williams' - carvery, 2) 'Whites on the Diamond' - fine dining.

Speciality: Carvery - good roasts. White's - seafood.

Price range: e7-20+

'Just Williams' - open Monday to Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Affordable cuisine -Light bites from e7.50. 'A fine dining experience in the heart of Donegal town served in a relaxed and... More

Food type: Modern Irish & international food.

Price range: e7-25+

Friday night is Steak Night Steak with all the trimmings and glass of wine e19.95
Saturday Night : 2 people dine for e50 which includes a bottle of House wine.

The Abbey Hotel is centrally located and caters for many of the tour coaches that come to Donegal... More

7. La Bella Donna Italian Restaurant

Food type: Italian dining in northwest Ireland.

Price range: e7-25+

Speciality: Pasta dishes.

You can choose from an extensive selection of pasta, pizza, salads, steaks, veal, chicken and seafood. They carry a unique selection of wines that are imported directly by the owners. Handy if planning to head next door to The Reel Inn for some live... More

Pearl's Place on the Killybegs Road is a brief stroll from the Diamond. This new restaurant is attracting positive word of mouth to date from its Trip Advisor reviews: 'Great attention to detail, and super friendly waitstaff. Would definitely go again' wrote one whilst others rave about the pork belly starter and the original touches from Head... More

9. Olde Castle Bar & Red Hugh Restaurant*

Food type: Traditional Irish dishes with a modern twist.

Price range: e6-25+

Speciality: Local seafood & steaks.

This family-run pub & restaurant is extremely popular with both locals & visitors alike. You can eat downstairs in the bar or upstairs in the restaurant if you want a more formal dining experience. There is a genuine... More

10. The Blueberry Tea Room*

Food type: Homemade wholesome, well cooked food with lots of flavour & great desserts and pies.

Price range: e5-20

Speciality: Blueberry pie. Let fly on the cream and blame us.

The Blueberry Tearooms is one of those places that opened one day and never looked back. This restaurant/coffee shop has been wooing both locals and visitors alike ... More

11. Weaver's Loft

Food type: Lunchtime favourites - paninis, bagels, sandwiches.

Price range: e5-15+
Speciality: Fresh cakes and scones.

A great little spot to relax for a quiet cuppa tea or freshly brewed coffee in between the mandatory shopping in Donegal's most famous store. The Weavers Loft has been serving light lunches and snacks for over 40 years and... More

Food type: New York-style steak house.

Price range: e5-20+
Speciality: Irish steaks, beef burgers, sizzling steak & chicken dishes.

The Manhattan Steakhouse is a taste of New York in Donegal Town! They specialise in Irish Hereford beef for all their steaks and beef burgers. Popular with old and young alike, the Steakhouse (only open less... More

13. Eddie Walsh butchers

Food type: Local butcher.

Price range: e2-10+
Speciality: Aubrac beef cattle reared and killed in family abattoir.

This family-run butchers specialise in Aubrac beef which is renowned for its flavour, tenderness and quality. They are gold medal winners since 2003 for their sausages at the national sausage championships. The service is of a very... More

Food type: Grills, toasties & lite bite lunches.

Price range: e5-15+

Speciality: Great coffee. French toast with maple syrup.

Toni's is a busy cafe/bistro that covers all tastes. They do a good selections of coffees and you can sit outside the back and watch the town go by. Their seafood salads are quite large - so don't over order! Toni's ... More

Food type: Traditional Indian food from several regions of the subcontinent.

Price range: e7-15+

Speciality: Excellent for larger party groups.

The only Indian restaurant in the south of the county, Chadpur has established itself as a well-run family restaurant delivering typical Indian hospitality and a good selection of their traditional... More

16. Le Fournil

Le Fournil
Food type: Freshly baked artisan boulangerie and patisserie.

Price range: e1-15+

Speciality: breads, pastries, oils and olives.

Le Fournil produces high quality products at an affordable price. Their specialty bread is freshly baked in Franck’s bakery in Donegal Town. Franck works constantly to achieve a high quality product for both... More

Food type: Traditional & international dishes.

Price range: e5-15+

Speciality: All day breakfast.

Linda Neary has been running her Krusty Kitchen for close on 10 years and has a good reputation for solid no nonsense food that will have you leaving replete. A friendly atmosphere, a convenient location for parking and a helpful staff all make... More

18. M. McGettigan & Co. Butchers*

Food type: Award-winning family butchers.

Price range: e5-10+

Speciality: An array of sausages that have won the family numerous national awards.

Besides Irish lamb and beef, McGettigans have been selling prize-winning sausages for a generation- flavoured with chilli, chocolate and orange, curry, banana and mango and a nifty rhubarb and ginger ... More

19. O'Hehir's bakery and cafe

Food type: Traditional Irish breads & cakes, light lunches.

Price range: e2.50-10+

Speciality: Traditional soda breads.

O'Herilys, a Sligo family of bakers, run this bakery shop and deli counter. Their style of food is old fashioned but consistent in these modern days. A handy spot in the centre of town for a quick cuppa.

Contact details:
... More

20. Simple Simons Natural Foods*

Food type: Whole/Healthfood and delicatessen.

Price range: e2-10+

Speciality: Fairtrade coffee and tea.

Simple Simon's offer an extensive range of natural foods and provisions, herbal remedies and supplements, ecologically sound bodycare and hygiene products, special dietary requirements for those with gluten, dairy and other food intolerances... More

21. Donegal Farmers and Craft Market

The Diamond means 'market place' and markets have been held here in some shape or form since the early 1600s, be they fairs or markets. .

The Donegal Farmers and Craft market occurs on the third Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm in the car park and offers a wide range of locally produced artisan produce as well as some fine tweed garments. ... More