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Cahermurphy Loop

Walk by lakeshore, riverbank & through forest and enjoy splendid views of Lough Graney and the surrounding countryside

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Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 5.965 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  Cahermurphy, (Cathair mhurchu In Irish), Lough Graney and its environs is sometimes referred to as the “Killarney” of Co. Clare. It is... more »

Tips:  Directions to Trailhead
Starting from the village of Flagmount travel north of the village for approximately 2km in the direction of... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Cahermurphy Trailhead & White Sands Beach

The loop begins at White Sands Beach on the shores of Lough Graney. The trail follows the sandy path to the right along the lake shoreline. The route continues along this rough path with the Bleach River on the left, until it reaches a gap on the right which enters the forest. The loop follows this track through the forest along a series of... More

2. Cahermurphy Forest

Cahermurphy Forest shadows the north shore of Lough Graney, one of the biggest and best-known lakes in East Clare.

After 400m (approx) you reach a ramp on the left taking you back on to a forest track. The loop follows this forest track (beside forest road) for 500m (approx) until it reaches a minor road. There are deer inhabiting this forest so... More

3. Meeting East Clare Way

After exiting the forest turn left on the minor road. For a short distance here you are also on the East Clare Way (marked with yellow arrows and the familiar trekking man logo). The loop walk continues on the minor road keeping to the right at Bleach Bridge junction (leaving the East Clare Way which turns left). The loop follows this minor road... More

4. Overlooking Lough Graney

The loop continues along this minor road (mostly uphill) for 2km (approx) through Corlea Beg and eventually reaches the highest point of the walk (150m) overlooking Lough Graney and the village of Flagmount.

5. View Lough Graney

Lough Graney, the biggest of the East Clare Lakes can be accessed at Flagmount and Caher. The River Graney flows from Lough Graney through Lough O'Grady and exits as The Scariff River. This river bas been described as one of the most beautiful inland waterways in Ireland.

At the top of this road you will re-join the East Clare Way turning right... More

6. Flagmount Village

Turn right at Flagmount village and follow the loop walk (and the East Clare Way) for 2km (approx) along the Gort Road with Lough Graney on your left. At the entrance to Cahermurphy Forest turn left (leaving the East Clare Way again) and continue along the forestry road for a further 1km (approx) back to the trailhead.

7. Entrance to Cahermurphy

Turn left here to enter Cahermurphy Forest and follow the road back to the trailhead.