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Ballycuggeran Loop

This 5.6km loop walk ascends along forest paths to a height of 270m, offering spectacular views of Lough Derg

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.35 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  The start of this loop walk is located in the townland of Ballycuggaran, the homeland of the O'Cuggarans, an important family at the... more »

Tips:  Directions to Trailhead
Start from the village of Killaloe which is on the R463 from Limerick City and continue on the R463 in the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Two-Mile Gate Trailhead

The start of the walk is at Two Mile Gate which is also home to the UL Activity Centre.

Starting from the mapboard in the car park turn right on the R463 towards Ogonnelloe/Scarriff. After approximately 100m turn left on to a minor road following the red Shannon Region Trails arrows. You are also on the East Clare Way (marked with yellow arrows... More

2. Ballycuggeran Forest

Ballycuggeran Forest is a peaceful quiet forest which gives great views overlooking the magnificent Lough Derg. It is owned by Coillte and there are a variety of walks in this area. It is also part of the Slieve Bernagh mountain range and leads to Moylussa, the highest point in Co. Clare.

3. Feenlea Mountain

Feenlea Mountain is part of the Slieve Bernagh mountain range which overlooks Lough Derg.

Turning left on this track on Feenlea Mountain. Travel down the mountain overlooking the beautiful Lough Derg. This area is known as Crag Wood. The once great Oak woods have long gone and now Sitka Spruce, Norway Spruce, Japanese Larch and Noble Fir stand ... More

4. Lough Derg Views

Lough Derg (from Irish: Loch Deirgeirt meaning "loch of the red eye") is the third-largest lake in Ireland (after Lough Neagh and Lough Corrib) and the second-largest in the Republic of Ireland. It is a long, relatively narrow lake, with shores in counties Clare (south-west), Galway (north-west), and North Tipperary (to the east).

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