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Scotland Textile Tour

Travel to the Highlands and you'll understand why tartans, cashmere, and tweed will always be done by hand.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Multiple days

Overview:  For being in a temperate zone, Scotland is still a land of extreme conditions: mighty winds and ample wet, harsh, stony terrain;... more »

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Points of Interest

An eight-room Regency mansion where Slow Food chef Charles Lockley creates six-course Scottish dinners.

Auldearn, Scotland
United Kingdom


2. Borders Textile Towerhouse

In a 16th-century edifice of rough and smooth stone, the textile museum opened in the spring of 2008. Move from sobering displays on the second floor (a large wooden loom that literally loomed, as dark and forbidding as a medieval rack; a blowup of a vintage photo of factory workers, all women and girls bent over their work save for two men... More

3. Johnstons

Johnstons (est. 1797) is one of the oldest mills in Scotland. Certainly, its approach to business is up-to-date. Here is a company that recognizes that visitors may have traveled hours to get to Elgin, only to forgo the mill tour in favor of a quick pass through the Heritage Centre before getting to the main objective: shopping. To be fair, the... More

Small hotel surrounded by four acres of woods and perennial gardens. The restaurant and bar are popular with locals.

Killiecrankie, Scotland
United Kingdom


Each of the 1,300 tartans Lochcarron makes is a meaningful interpretation of a grid, and every design is copyrighted and listed with the Scottish Register of Tartans, thereby reducing, according to the mission statement of its predecessor, the Scottish Tartans World Register, “the likelihood of trivialisation and muddle.” The names of the... More

6. Peter Scott

At Peter Scott, a label most associated with golf sweaters customized with club logos, signing up for a factory tour is as straightforward as entering the outlet shop in the heart of town and asking to see the adjacent mill. One doesn’t so much join a tour as generate one. Every worker is happy to interrupt his rhythm to demonstrate and explain.... More

A 19th-century stone mansion with a new spa. Book the Cashmere Suite for the ultimate in cocooning: bedroom walls lined with claret-colored Holland and Sherry cashmere and a soaking tub carved from limestone.

Stobo Castle
Stobo, Scotland
United Kingdom


Former hunting lodge of Scottish royalty that offers three elegant guest rooms.

Traquair House
Innerleithen, Scotland
United Kingdom


Set high above the road, with views over the Tweed River valley from most of its six bright rooms. Owner Julie Reid will walk you through the whisky on offer in the bar while her husband, Alan, is busy preparing local wood pigeon with black pudding for dinner.

Tweed Valley
Walkerburn, Scotland
United Kingdom