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Best New Restaurants in London's Soho

Top chefs and restauranteurs are flocking to Soho and opening great restaurants.

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Overview:  By Maria Shollenbarger

Depending on the Londoner you ask, Soho’s “renaissance” has been simmering for anywhere from 20 years (so say ... more »

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Points of Interest

The sister establishment to Borough Market’s favored oyster bar opened in November and is a bigger, sleeker, and cannier affair than its sawdusty sibling. It’s spread across multiple levels, with several bars and extensive table seating; subway tiles and brass candlesticks gleam with the patina of expensive design. The menu focuses on fruits de... More

Chef Alexis Gauthier commandeered this Georgian town-house site (formerly Richard Corrigan’s Lindsay House), laid on the heavy linen and ornate silver in its white, light dining rooms, and opened last spring as a proper, starchy French restaurant, with a Michelin star and a minimum three courses, served in one sitting nightly. But his sublimely... More

With an open, brightly lit industrial kitchen ringed by a generous bar lined with tall leather stools (still the hottest seats), Bocca di Lupo has drawn dense, boisterous crowds since it opened more than two years ago. Chef Jacob Kenedy turns out stridently flavorful twists on Italian classics. Musts include the shaved-radish and celeriac salad... More

Chef Mark Hix’s cachet transcends location—he could open a snow-cone stand in Basingstoke and the masses would come—but his Brewer Street boîte is at the nexus of the Soho action. In a former sushi bar (out with the lacquered screens, in with the Home Counties whitewash), an amiable staff that’s erudite in all things locavore brandishes trays of... More

5. Polpo

“Soho is a real neighborhood,” Russell Norman says, “and I’m in the business of neighborhood restaurants.” He is now, anyway; the ex–operations director of Caprice Holdings restaurant group (the Ivy; J Sheekey; Le Caprice) opened Polpo in 2009—a paean to tin-ceilinged, filament-bulb-lit Lower East Side hipsterdom that is never less than... More

6. Polpetto

Polpetto is Polpo in miniature: 12 tables housed above the storied French House pub, on Dean Street. Whichever you choose, order yourself a quartino of Barbera d’Alba and settle in for the inevitable, but utterly worthwhile, wait. 49 Dean St.; 44-20/7734-1969; dinner for two $45.