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Wordsworth's Grasmere and Rydal

Grasmere was once the home of William Wordsworth.You can visit two of his former homes,Dove Cottage and Rydal Mount
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7.9 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview:  As you enter Grasmere from the south (Ambleside) direction you are on Stock Lane, a car park is on your right. Parking is also at the ... more »

Tips:  If stock Lane car park is full continue through the village towards Keswick and on Broadgate there is another car park on the right... more »

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Points of Interest

Continue along Stock Lane and enter the Churchyard. St. Oswald was king of Northumbria and the church is probably the third to stand on this site. The traditional 'Rushbearing' ceremony is held on the Saturday nearest St. Oswald's Day which is 5th August and dates back to the days when church floors were covered in rush matting.

Along with... More

2. Heaton Cooper Studio and Allen Bank

Continue through the village until you reach the open green area (public toilets in the corner). Opposite is the Alfred Heaton Cooper studio established in 1905. His artist son William Heaton Cooper built the present gallery in 1938.
To the left of the gallery is a corner cafe; follow the lane alongside and pass through a stone gateway and up the... More

3. Butharlyp Howe and Riverside Walk.

Follow the footpath across the field down to the right and round the back of the Glenthorn Hotel. At the road turn right and then left at the Silver Lea Guest House and follow the track alongside Buthallyp Howe until you reach Broadgate opposite Rothay Garden Hotel.
Turn right and cross the road to enter the playing field and follow the riverside... More

Head away from the village on Stock Lane, to the left is the Grasmere Sports Field on which events such as 'Westmorland wrestling' and 'the Guides race' have been staged since 1852 and is held on Bank Holiday Sunday at the end of August.
Cross the main road and ahead is the new 'Jerwood Centre' for poetry workshops, readings and events, then Dove... More

This was Wordsworth's best loved family home for the greater part of his life from 1813 to his death in 1850 at the age of 80. It was here that he published the final version of his most famous poem 'Daffodils'. The house now belongs to descendants of Wordsworth and together with the garden is open to the public, there is also a tea room.

6. Rydal Hall Gardens and The Old School Room Tea Shop

After viewing Rydal Mount crossover to Rydal Hall, following the rear drive around the back of the hall to another tea shop overlooking Rydal Beck. Rydal Hall (not open to the public) was previously the home of the Le Flemming family before being sold to the Diocese of Carlisle in the 1960's.
Walk around to the front of the hall to view the... More

Built by Lady le Fleming in 1823 at a cost of £1,500. William Wordsworth helped to choose the site, which was originally an orchard. Continue through the churchyard and enter Dora's field by a swing gate. This was called 'The Rash' field and was owned by Wordsworth. After his daughter died in 1847 Wordsworth together with his wife, sister and... More

Leave Dora's Field by the lower gate onto the main road and turn right. Opposite the 'Badger Bar' cross over the busy road and follow a path through the wall to cross the River Rothay by a footbridge. This path continues to the right keeping to the lake shore eventually leaving to gain higher ground.
Keep by the righthand wall to descent to the... More