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Vancouver Arts and Culture

Young, vibrant, fresh, multi-cultural, and west coast.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 11.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  Art and culture in Vancouver is a reflection of the city - multi-cultural and west coast. Mix that in with an abundance of Native... more »

Tips:  From October to mid-May, everything is indoors. From June to September a number of outdoor festivals such as the Bard On The Beach... more »

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Points of Interest

Located on the University of British Columbia campus, the Museum of Anthropology is removed from the downtown area. But it's essential to walk through this amazing building to understand the relationship of the First Nations cultures to contemporary Vancouver.

The museum building itself is an architectural gem, designed by Arthur Erickson, who... More

The gallery was once the city’s Courthouse, thus, its neoclassical look. It is set at the absolute center of the city's downtown, occupying the city block next to the Hotel Vancouver.

The building was designed by British architect Francis Rattenbury, whose other designs include the Parliament buildings and The Empress Hotel in Victoria.

The... More

Bill Reid (1920-1996) was one of Canada's most prominent Haida artists and his work can be seen throughout Vancouver. His massive Spirit of Haida Gwaii, a jade-green patina bronze casting, is the centerpiece of the new International terminal at the airport.

At the Museum of Anthropology on the University of British Columbia campus, his sculpture... More

A couple of blocks east and south of the Art Gallery, the Orpheum is a National Heritage Site and home to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Bach Choir, Vancouver Chamber Choir and Vancouver Cantata Singers. Other events are also held at the theatre. It seats 2,688.

The theatre is located on the Granville Mall, a stretch of Granville... More

5. The Wickaninnish Gallery

The Wickaninnish Gallery is one of the major West Coast Native galleries in British Columbia. Located in The Net Loft on Granville Island, this collection of small arts businesses under a single roof is native-owned and showcases the artwork of many emerging and established First Nations artists. Many items are carved from silver and gold while... More

6. Eagle Spirit Gallery

This is arguably BC's highest end gallery of aboriginal work. You could easily spend hours among the exquisite art that includes Inuit sculptures, masks, bentwood boxes, panels, argillite carvings, original paintings, button blankets and baskets. Among them are pieces by Norval Morisseau, one of Canada's iconic native artists. You won't find a... More

The Leona Lattimer Gallery, just off Granville Island, features items that are distinctly different from those found at the Wickaninnish Gallery. Here, you'll find native masks from artists considered among the finest in the province. The gallery's list of artists is expansive with more than a hundred artists and crafts people from all regions of ... More