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Buena Vista Park Riverside and Neighbourhood Hike

There is a little bit of everything in this hike!

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 6.587 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview:  The ends of Buena Vista Park and the Ravine systems are well known, but hiking the park along the riverside is a challenging and... more »

Tips:  -You can have lunch at the Royal Alberta Museum
-Bring proper hiking boots for the riverside portion of this hike
-Bring a camera for ... more »

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Points of Interest

The jump off point at Government House. Lunch is planned the Royal Alberta Museum after this hike!

2. The trail down to the river valley

Follow the trail down plus it is a great spot for a photo

3. View from the trail

A great view of the Groat Bridge

4. The trail down

A little steep here, so take care. Park in the Government House Park parking lot to avoid this.

5. Paved trails

Great trails in Government House Park

6. Down by the North Saskatchewan

Cloudy day for the camera

7. Trail marker up to the MacKinnon Ravine

Go explore the ravine and bypass the riverside trail if you want

8. The beginning of the riverside trail

The Buena Vista Park river walk starts here

9. Looking back at downtown

Great views down here, not so great with a phone camera

10. Trail conditions

Proper footwear is important for the next kilometre or so.

11. Nice to hike by the river

The golf course and nature trail around it are just across the river

12. Exposed roots

Watch your footing in this area. You can see there has been lots of activity by bike groups working on the trails.

13. Nice stairs

The trail condition keeps improving from here.

14. Another river view

Cloudy day at this point

15. Trail conditions

The trail continues to improve.

16. Back to the main trails

Nice, wide trails.

17. Pretty wildflowers

Fall colors

18. Wooden junction

Junction point from the ravine system.

19. Busy woodpeckers

There were four woodpeckers keeping busy while I stood here

20. Junction Point up to the surrounding community

We head up this path right after taking a look at the pedestrian bridge from Buena Vista Park to Hawrelak Park

21. Heading up the ravine

Nice trail system

22. You can see the main stage over at Hawrelak Park from here.

The elevation change is great for scenery

23. Looking down into the ravine system

Looking down from the bridge

24. Nice neighbourhoods

House looking is a hobby of mine and there are many nice houses in this area.

25. Looking downtown

Another great viewpoint

26. Looking upriver

Looking out towards the pedestrian bridge

27. Whew, take a breather

There are lots of park benches all along these neighbourhoods to take five

28. MacKinnon Ravine

Looking down into the MacKinnon Ravine trail system from the bridge

29. The bridge over the MacKinnon Ravine

Looking back at the bridge

30. The Capital Region River Valley

So many outstanding views

31. Stairs and view

The view from the staircase leading down into the Ravine system

32. Looking downtown again

Looking at the Groat bridge again, but with some elevation this time.

33. Time for another break

This benches are located along the best viewing areas in the city

34. Ramsey Ravine

You are now over the Ramsey Ravine and almost back to the jump off point.

Coming into the back of the Government House Grounds

36. One of the many structures on the grounds

This museum is slated for replacement in a new location downtown. Come see it while you still can. The grounds and building are beautiful.

Government House began life as the residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta until 1938. In 1975, the province took control of the building and it is now used for hosting Government events and hosts an impressive art collection.

39. Wilrose

Alberta's flower imprinted on the grounds of Government House

40. Another artwork on the grounds

The grounds at Government House are a very relaxing place to visit

41. Korean Pavilion

A gift to the people of Alberta