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Highlands Hiking Trail

Enjoy a walk by the river on this great hiking trail

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.74 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview:  The Highlands Hiking Trail runs along the North Saskatchewan at river level. During times of high water, the City will close the gates... more »

Tips:  -Bring water for the trip
-Bring a camera along
-Have someone pick you up at the other end of the trail. It is a nice walk back... more »

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Points of Interest

1. The path down from Ada Blvd.

This is a busy spot for walker and bikers

2. 50th Street Bridge Junction Point

These points will take you to Capilano, GoldBar and the Highland Hiking Trail

3. A view of the bridge from the trail junction

The 50th Street Pedestrian bridge

4. View from the bridge

A quick shot of downtown from the bridge deck

5. Highlands Footbridge

A little footbridge to ease the way

6. The North Saskatchewan

A view of the river from close up

7. The Highland Hiking Trail

The condition of the trail. In very nice shape. The metal you see around the trees is there to protect them from beavers.

8. Canopy shot

Great shot inside the trees

9. Under the Capilano

The view of the water looking under the Capilano Bridge

10. The gate into the golf course

This is the trail head into the golf course and up to Ada Blvd.

11. The fairway & downtown

Looking down the fairway into downtown edmonton

12. The way up

The first staircase up to Ada Blvd

13. A little bit of trail

A little bit of trail before the final steps up

14. Whew, the top

After a good climb, we arrive at the top of the staircases and are looking out over the river valley.