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Progeny Peak - Zion National Park

Short but challenging summit hike. Includes the beautiful Two Pines Arch along the way.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 1.6 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview:  Located in Zion National Park are massive monoliths of rock. Some peaks, like Angels Landing, can be reached by park maintained... more »

Tips:  Travel on Hwy-9 towards Mt. Carmel Junction. Just past the main tunnel is the parking lot for Zion Overlook, next parking is the Zion... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking / Restrooms

As you emerge from the Tunnel, immediately on your right is the only Restroom facilities in this part of the canyon. Parking lot only holds about 6 cars.

2. Caution Delays Possible

Most trailhead guides point to a bright yellow sign that says "Caution Delays Possible, Be Prepared to Stop" at the parking to the Progeny trailhead. Caution this sign can NO longer be seen from the trailhead. It is now a plain brown sign around the bend. Headed toward Mt. Carmel Junction you can still spot the sign on your left (be careful... More

3. Wrong Wash

As you drop down into the Wash, if you find yourself in a wide beautiful sandy gully, look over your shoulder at the 1930 constructed culvert. It is an amazing piece of architecture. Walk over and take a closer look into the tunnel that extends under the road. Each piece of sandstone, cut and cemented into place. Then climb back up to the road... More

4. Small Wash

Immediately after dropping into the small wash there is a gully that moves off to the right, with the main flow to the left. I followed this small wash. It is a bit tricky with route finding, but soon dumps into another larger wash. If at the beginning you skip the first small wash and take the second wash on your right, they intersect, so... More

5. Dry Falls

Continue to hike up the dry falls. The Sandstone slabs are nice and easy to negotiate.

6. First View of Two Pines Arch

Hiking up the dry stream bed, look dead center of the wash and let you eye wander up to the base of the cliffs above you. This was my first view of Two Pines Arch

7. Two Pine Arch

When standing right in front of the arch, the rock blends into the rock behind it and creates the "Leap of Faith" look from Indiana Jones' movie. Unfortunately the second pine tree is dead and fallen. This is a beautiful place to relax and eat a light snack before heading on to Progeny Peak.

8. Progeny Peak

To continue on toward Progeny Peak. From the Arch stay to the left of the buttress and scramble up the sandstone. Caution loose footing.

9. Red to White

As the sandstone turns from Red to White you'll find the travel easier staying on the ridge line. Looking back is a fantastic view of the Tunnel Entrance and Highway 9.

10. Saddle 1

As you continue up the ridge line, you'll find two Hoodoo's, stay to the right of them and hike onto the first Saddle (white sand) Pine trees on your right.

11. Base of Rock Formation

From the 1st Saddle, hike up by the pine trees and along the base of the rock formation. Easy walking.

12. Ledge System

As you continue to travel with the peak now almost behind you to your right, you'll notice a nice ledge system to make you hiking easier. Step up onto a ledge walk, turn and step onto another ledge. Working you way up the sandstone slab.

At the mini saddle, turn left and hike up the Massive Slab of Sandstone.

13. Massive Slab

Not very steep with good traction you can walk your way straight up this massive slab to Saddle #2. Identified by the Hoodoo on the left and a Pine tree on the right.

14. Straight up the Slab to the peak

Looking East and straight up to Progeny Peak is another massive slab, this is very steep with lots of loose rock. Just to the left of the picture is another nice ledge system to make the climb easier.

15. Summit

Congratulations! You've reached the summit. Don't forget to place your rock and sign the registration. As of this writing the cap was difficult to get off and needed some additional paper. From this peak you have a true 360 degree view of Zion National Park.