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Old Rag Mountain Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park 9 mile hike up to the summit of Old Rag Mountain, including a 1-2 mile boulder scramble
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 9 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview:  This is a very challenging 9-mile hike. Do not attempt this hike unless you are fully prepared. Do not attempt this hike if it is icy ... more »

Tips:  Bring at least two liters of water per person, food, cell phone, and an emergency kit. Plan on this hike taking at least seven hours... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Old Rag Mountain

2. Old Rag Trail Map

Parking Lot location

3. Start of Ridge Trail follow Blue Markers uphill from left of parking lot

Make sure you pay/check-in at the self-service parking station. Head up hill on the paved road for one mile, arriving to the upper parking lot. Port-a-pots here.

Pick up Ridge Trail on your left just above the upper parking lot.

4. Overlook along Ridge Trail

There are two particular vistas along the switchback trails. Appreciate the granite boulders within the forest.

5. Start of Boulder Scramble

6. Boulder Scramble

7. Granite Staircase

8. Summit

When you see this sign, you've arrived ! Stroll through the summit area and find a perfect place for a wonderful overlook of Shenandoah.

9. Descent on Saddle Trail

The beginning of the Saddle Trail is near the Old Rag Mountain Summit brown sign. You'll be heading down on the back of the mountain. Views of the Summit are seen during fall/winter months.

10. Byrds Nest Shelter

11. Old Rag Shelter

Privy here. Daytime use only.

12. Weakley Hollow Fire Road

You'll see three roads meet here with a large Old Rag Trail Map sign. Take a sharp right to continue back to parking lot. Markers also indicate direction to head.

13. Brokenback Run

You'll cross two bridges along the stream.