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Middle Fork Trail - Sequoia National Park

A great backpacking alternative when the high country is blanketed in snow.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview:  This trail is best travelled in the Spring months. The progression from the Foothills to a secluded giant sequoia grove makes it... more »

Tips:  The first couple miles are exposed so be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat. You will encounter several creek crossings, so be sure to ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Kaweah River

The trailhead begins out of the Buckeye Flat Campground and follows the Kaweah River.

2. Castle Rocks

Named "Castle Rocks" because they resemble an ancient European castle.

3. Foothills Flowers

Spring is a great season to take this hike. The wildflower show can be impressive.

4. Panther Creek

Stream crossings can be dangerous during the high water season. Use caution.

5. Sugarbowl Dome

When snow fills the depression on top it looks like a bowl full of sugar.

6. Buck Creek Campsite

It is best to camp in established campsites if available to lessen the impact on the wilderness.

7. Moro Rock

Backside view of Moro Rock is not seen by the majority of park visitors.

8. Granite Peaks

Mountain views of the Great Western Divide.

9. Middle Fork of the Kaweah River

The Kaweah River is named after a Yokut Indian tribe called "Kawai" who resided on the river where the Foothills meet the Plains.

10. Campsite near Redwood Meadow

Redwood Meadow is home to a secluded grove of giant sequoias.