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Signal Mountain Viewpoint - Grand Teton National Park

This is a must-do scenic drive up a small mountain in the Grand Teton National Park with fantastic views.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.8 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview:  This is a great drive up a small mountain beneath the Teton mountain range on the side of Jackson Lake. You will have wonderful views... more »

Tips:  Directions to Signal Mountain Road:
Take Route 89 from Jackson, WY north towards Moran. Just past Moran enter the Grand Teton... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Leave the Teton Park Road

Turn off the Teton Park Road here and start the hill climb up Signal Mountain. If you are towing a trailer you won't be able to do this because of hair pin turns and other traffic. Also, if there is snow you may find the road closed only partially the way up and the road doesn't even open until late May most years.

2. Parking from here along road

Parking begins at this switchback and up along the side of the road to the top. There is a trail along the road here for you to walk up to the top. Here you will have the best views over the Snake River. I've also included a couple photos here of the views you will have on the drive down as well.

3. Views from Signal Ridge

You will have great views from the top north over the Snake River and west to the Teton Range. There is a trail that enters the summit from the south. Feel free to walk down this trail a little ways for different views.