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Waai en Braai- Bergseboswandeling 4

Hike with wide views, down the ridge, touching the moors. Wandeling met vergezichten, over de kam van de Heuvelrug.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 14.913 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview:  The hike Waai& Braai takes you over the ridge of the Heuvelrug, down to the town of Doorn, and via its moors back up to Bergse... more »

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Points of Interest

Cross the road, heading left and right, at the white crossbar Landgoed Het Heihuis

Weg oversteken, even links en meteen rechtsaf bij witte slagboom Landgoed Het Heihuis

2. Estate Stameren. Landgoed Stameren

Between the villages of Maarn and Doorn, on one of the most elevated parts of the Utrecht ridge, estate Stameren was established. Its forest houses many different species of trees of all ages, and two smaller, but typical heath fields, reminiscent of the original vegetation. The presence of the many wild rhododendrons however originate from former... More

3. Hoog Moersbergen

The estate of Hoog (high) Moersbergen in the second half of the 19th century separated from Moersbergen, which we will cross at later stage of this walk,on the lower grounds. On Hoog Moersbergen you ll find relatively young forest, primarily consisiting of oak and birch. You may also notice several ancient burial mounds.

Hoog Moersbergen werd in ... More

4. Crossing. Wandelkruispunt

You can return directly to the Bergse Bossen, via a pond
and sanddrifts (11), or continue on the woods Kaapse Bossen (6 and 7) en Moersbergen (9)

U kunt hier kiezen voor terugkeer naar de Bergse Bossen via het bosmeertje en de zandverstuiving (11) of door naar de Kaapse Bossen (6 en7) en Moersbergen (9)

5. Chalet Helenaheuvel

A former teahouse of Hendrik van Swellengrebel, a governor who returned from serving the colonial Dutch government in South Africa.

Here you drink a cuppa, return back to the Bergse Bossen (+5km), or you take the loop (+4km) through the Kaapse Bossen, named after the African savannas. Or you continue straight on to the estate of Moersbergen and... More

6. Kaapse Bossen

Kaapse Bossen (woods of the cape) is a former forestation, in the years turning in to a valued natural area, with pines, conifers and evergreens alike.

Dit voormalige productiebos is in de loop der jaren door mens en natuur gevormd tot een afwisselend bosgebeid met vele soorten naaldbomen, loofbomen en eikenhakhout.

7. Kaap Doorn

Cape Doorn, a high tower that offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. The platform is 25 meters high, lifting you 67 meters above sea level, making it one of Hollangs peaks.
Enjoy the magnificent view over the whole of the Heuvelrug, the Amerongse Berg (mountain) in the east to the Utrecht Dom Tower in the west. To the south -on a clear day-... More

8. Crossing of routes. Kruispunt wandelroutes delen 2 en 3

Here you make another choice, between returning directly to the Bergse Bossen (6km) via the pond in the woods, or descending down into Doorn, the estate of Moersbergen and back up to Bergse Bossen (+4km)

Kies voor terug naar Bergse Bossen (6km) via het Bosmeertje (11) of via het centrum van Doorn en landgoed Moersbergen (9) en de kazerne (10)(... More

9. The estate of Moersbergen. Landgoed Moersbergen

To the west you might catch a glimpse of the charming Kasteel Moersbergen. The estate itself is a beautiful unity of different scenery. Park and woods, with monumental beech avenues, interspersed by fields and meadows of the Langbroekerwetering (long brooks) area. Because of this variety, the area has high natural value, and it is therefore with... More

10. Barracks of the Van Braam Houckgeestkazerne

Headquarters of the Dutch marines. The barracks is projected to be moved down to Vlissingen, right in the southwest of the Netherlands, where new barracks should be ready in 2017.

Hoofdkwartier van de Nederlandse mariniers. De kazerne staat op de nominatie te verhuizen naar Vlissingen, waar nieuwbouw in 2017 gereed moet zijn.

11. Pond in the woods. Bosmeertje

A natural pond. Enjoy de beautifull serenity of the natural sanddrifts, and the slim pinetrees bordering it.

Een natuurlijke bron op de Heuvelrug. Geniet ook van de prachtige zandverstuiving, en de ranke parasol- en vliegdennen.